Juniors(1 & 2)

The Junior group focuses on further development of the four swimming strokes and introduces swimmers to group training skills. Junior swimmers train in the main pool (25m lanes). They will work on their strokes through a variety of drills and will gain an understanding of basic training, lane etiquette and using the pace clock. They will also become familiar with competitive starts and turns.

In order to register for the Junior group swimmers will have successfully completed Mini Squad and have an understanding of all four strokes (including a legal breast kick), or have completed Swim Kids 8.

Junior swimmers are encouraged to compete at our invitational and regional Jamboree swim meets.

Juniors have 4 practice times per week; two 1-hour practices and two 1.5 hour practices.  At the start of the season, they might not attend all practices each week, but should attend the two 1-hour practices at a minimum.

The only difference between Juniors 1 and Juniors 2 is their practice days.

Parents of Junior swimmers will be volunteering at Mini Meets, and Jamborees and learning the skills required to be a Level 1 official (it’s very easy – operating a stopwatch and recording times for swimmers!)

Before moving into the Super Juniors training group, swimmers will have legal strokes, have a good understanding of lane etiquette the ability to lead a lane, and will know how to use the pace clock.