Mini Squad (White, Blue, Gold)

Mini Squad comprises our introductory training groups and focuses on the basic skills of swimming. Starting off with body movement and breathing skills, swimmers will progress towards an introduction to all four strokes and open turns. Mini Squad swimmers will also work on developing their endurance and fitness. To be eligible to swim in the Mini Squad group, children must be 5 years of age and have completed Swim Kids 3, or have the ability to swim 20 metres (the length of the leisure pool).  No technique or grace required! Swimmers typically start in the White group.  Throughout the season, this group will focus on freestyle and backstroke.

To register for the Blue group, swimmers will be able to swim 50 meters without stopping.  Swimmers will have an understanding of basic freestyle and basic backstroke.  Throughout the season, this group will focus on learning all four competitive strokes.

To register for the Gold Group, swimmers will be able to swim 50 meters without stopping, rest, and then repeat.  Training will focus on all four competitive strokes, learning how to swim on a repeat time, and swimmers will compete in at least one of our home Jamborees.

Mini Squad swimmers have two 45-minute practices each week.  The last Friday of each month is typically a Team Practice, where all swimmers in the club practice together.  Mini Squad swimmers are also invited to attend these Team Practices.

During the season (September through April) Mini Squad swimmers will be encouraged to compete in KISU Mini Meets (focusing on fun, participation, and learning swim meet formats) and, depending on their ability and desire, our invitational or regional Jamboree meets (an introduction to competing against swimmers from other clubs, and an opportunity to start to track your swimmers times so that they can work on personal improvement).Practices are held in the small pool, with occasional opportunities to swim in the large pool (ie: practicing starts/dives, swimming in deep water).  

Parents of Mini Squad swimmers will help out at Mini Meets by timing and assisting coaches.

Swimmers are ready to graduate from the Mini Squad program and start their next season in Juniors (in the deep pool) once they have a well-developed backstroke and freestyle (with bilateral breathing), recognizable butterfly and breaststroke (with a legal breast kick).  Swimmers will also need to be able to swim 1000m in a practice on a regular basis, as well swimmers will understand how to do 100IM (25 meters of each butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle).  Swimmers moving up will also be encouraged to know their stroke count for at least freestyle.

For questions about registration please email Amy at [email protected]

For questions about levels and ability please email Tina at [email protected]