Super Juniors (1 & 2)

Super Juniors is for swimmers who have typically had one season in Juniors and who have met the goals of the Junior training group. They will continue to work on technique, endurance, and training skills.

Super Junior swimmers will have had swim meet experience by competing at Jamboree meets as a Junior.  They are training with a goal of reaching a sub-4 minute time standard for their 200IM in order to compete at “sanctioned” swim meets with their competitive swimming peers.

Super Juniors have 4 practices per week; two 1-hour practices, and two 1.5-hour practices.

The only difference between Super Juniors 1 and Super Juniors 2 is the practice days.

Parents of Super Junior swimmers will have experience as Level 1 officials having worked as timers at Jamboree meets.  The next step will be to start learning the skills required to be a Level 2 official, which will include taking the Stroke and Turn Clinic and volunteering at our home swim meets.