Swim Academy (Seniors)

The Swim Academy is offered to students at both Penticton Secondary School and Princess Margaret Secondary School. Academy swimmers have their time tables adjusted so they finish their school day at lunch (1pm) in order to attend Swim Practice. A minimum of one season in Age Group is required before a swimmer may consider Swim Academy. Swim Academy swimmers focus on further fine-tuning their strokes and the development of training principles and practice. The swimmers of this group are expected to have well-developed strokes and an understanding of training principles. Their training will encompass all areas of swimming including a more structured dry-land strength/flexibility training program, morning practices and double practices (2x per day).  Swimmers are expected to compete, at a minimum, at: the Regional High School Meet, our two Home meets, and at two other meets hosted by our Region.  They are strongly encouraged to also attend additional provincial level meets for which they qualify.

Swim Academy swimmers have 9 practice times per week. At the start of the season they are expected to attend a minimum of 6 practices per week, and are then required to add mornings and doubles at the direction of the coach.  Swim Academy swimmers are leaders in our club.  They are working toward their personal swimming goals and are supporting their fellow swimmers in achieving their goals as well.

Parents of Swim Academy swimmers will be Level 2 and 3 officials who are a part of the core group of KISU officials who ensure that our club hosts quality meets for our swimmers and for other swimmers in the region/province.

Swim Academy swimmers who are approaching graduation will have an opportunity to work with their coach and their school to explore options for swimming after high school.  This could include swimming on a University team or moving to BC’s High Performance Centre to continue to pursue their swimming goals on a provincial, national, or international stage.