Swimming offers its participants an unparalleled opportunity to achieve phenomenal fitness and tremendous physical strength. Swimming is a skill that everyone should possess. Whether swimming for recreation, fitness or for speed, swimming is a sport that can be enjoyed by participants for a lifetime.

Competitive swimming is a good, clean, wholesome sport that provides opportunity for maximal personal growth and development. The competitive swimming experience uniquely lends itself to the acquisition and development of life skills; skills that readily transfer to all aspects of life, including education and healthy daily habits.

The sport allows individuals to challenge their abilities, both physically and psychologically, on a daily basis. Athletes who have prepared well are often rewarded for their efforts with personal success.

Although competitive swimming is primarily an individual sport, training and competitions are conducted in a team environment. Team scoring and relay events are central aspects of the sport. Through a strong team environment friendships are established and maintained for a lifetime.

Unlike most amateur sports, swimming has professional coaches. Coaches are certified by either the National Coaching Certification Program and are required take part in annual professional development activities.


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