The 2022/23 KSC Hosted meets are:


October 16, 2022KSC Halloween Howler Meet- Developmental (Sprocket) meet;

Location: MNP Sport Centre;

time: 12pm-5pm; single session

Note: this meet is a fundraiser for the Performance swim group and there will be limited positions available on Job Sign Up


November 18- 20, 2022KSC SC Invitational**

Location: MNP Sport Centre

- 5 sessions over 3 days

-3 afternoon/evening sessions, 2 morning sessions ( Friday PM session, Saturday AM and PM sessions, Sunday AM and PM sessions)


February 10- 12, 2023KSC LC Invitational**

 Location: MNP Sport Centre

- 6 sessions over 3 days

- 3 morning sessions, 3 afternoon/evening sessions ( Friday Am and PM sessions, Saturday AM and PM sessions, Sunday AM and PM sessions)


April 16, 2023KSC Pajama Day Meet- Developmental (Sprocket) meet;

Location: Brookfield YMCA in Seton

 time: 9am- 2pm, single session


**families in Junior to Performance are expected to work a minimum of two shifts per family at each KSC Invitational meet ( the November SC Invitational AND the February LC Invitational) 


Please mark these dates in your calendar as these meets are the opportunities for families to meet their KSC Officiating Obligation this year!

This is not the complete list of swim meets for swimmers this season- please see Events for a full list of swim meets that your swimmer may be competing in.