Dear Sprocket Parents

As our first KSC hosted meet approaches this weekend, I wanted to share with you some tips that I found handy as a new sprocket parent not so long ago. These tips are NOTHING to do with coaching or swimming – please address those questions to your childs coach, Thanks!

First things first – go to the Killarney Web Site and on the events page click on this meet. The coach has posted the events that YOUR swimmer will be competing in, as well as the Meet Package. The Meet Package may seem redundant at first but as the meets get more and more competitive they hold some valuable information.

The Meet Package, This has the start time, the format of the meet, and the events that are being swum at this particular meet.

The events per swimmer Document – this has all the swimmers names that are participating from KSC in this meet, important information on this list will help you prepare your swimmer.


The entries look like this

#1           Mixed 10 & under 100 free         2:42.87S (Example)

The first Column shows the EVENT Number – The first event of the meet is 100m free for swimmers aged 10& under – the time displayed is your child’s last best time recorded – it is their BEST time they have achieved in previous meets (if your child has never been in a meet then this time will have been estimated by the coach, this is common practise in these Junior circuit meets as there cannot be any “no-times” entered)

Each event may have several heats – to find out which heat your swimmer is in – when you arrive at the meet there will be Heat Sheets on sale – All clubs sell these to cover the cost of printing them and they are invaluable at a meet. Most Heat Sheets will publish approx. times for each event so that you can make sure you are there to watch.

On the day of…

1.       Arrive early – bring a cushion and some snacks – a camera if you like –but please no flashes as this interferes with the starter.

2.       Bring a pen or a highlighter for quick reference to the races your child is competing in.

3.       Bring your pre-printed sheet with the events your child is swimming in. (or just make a note of them)

4.       Purchase a heat sheet (approx. $3) Highlight your child/children’s  names in the Heats they are in.

5.       For the younger kids, I like this tip that a veteran shared with me – “Write in Ink pen on the swimmers forearm the Event number, Heat number, and race type , this will help them to remember and also make them aware so they can listen out for their names when the race is being Marshalled.” Please be advised that due to swimmers not showing up for meets or new swimmers being added on the day of, the Heat Sheet that you purchase is not always 100% accurate, if you are unsure ask the kids to ask the Coach or Marshall to check the Heat number. The Marshal and your Coach will have the MOST accurate Heat Sheets as will the Timers at each lane. Encourage your children to ask the Volunteers at each lane if their name is on their list. Swimming in the wrong order or in place of someone else will mean that your swimmers time will not be recorded accurately. Although these are great tips to get into the habit of checking, this hardly ever happens – especially at KSC meets ! The Coaches will also Post an accurate Heat sheet in the Marshalling area, so if the children know what races they are swimming in then they will be able to check for themselves.

6.       Download the app Meet Mobile or go to the Killarney Swim Club’s live results page ( a few tabs below this one) – Look for the meet’s name and as each Event is complete the results will be published on that site – also as each event is completed the results will be posted at the Pool, usually on the wall in the Corridor that leads to the Bleachers.

Please feel free to call me at the office or more effectively email me on [email protected] if you have any more questions.