When used daily, Training Logs are a great tool to help you advance towards your swimming goals.  Below is a training log template for you to have. 

Killarney Swimming Log Template

You can start simple by picking 3-5 categories to record each day.  As you become comfortable logging start to add more categories.  The more detailed log you keep, the more you will become aware of the routines you have in order to have have a great practice or great race, and likewise you will see the pattern on bad races and practices.  The most important thing you will learn from the logging process is how to stay away from the bad routines and keep on the good ones!

Logs are great to reflect back on.  When you are racing well, what things are you saying to yourself.  What were your race tactics.  Training logs help you to remember these thoughts.

Sharing your training log with your coach is also important.  Coaches help you identify good routines and bad habits.  By reviewing your log book, the coach can provide advice on your recovery plan for sleep and nutrition.  By recovering faster you have the ability to do more work (training) at a higher level, thus advancing yourself more quickly towards your  goals.  The coach can also assess your psychological state and mentor you accordingly.

If you have questions on logging, please ask your coach.