Rookie Camp Tryouts #2 will be held:

September 6 & 8 - Time: 4:15 - 5:45

Killarney Aquatic Centre

Rookie Camp Registration - Click here


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Welcome to the Killarney Swim Club 

Thank you for your interest in the Killarney Swim Club and our annual Rookie Camp. At these camps the children will be assessed and sorted according to a combination of their relative age and ability. Based on those results, spots will be offered if there is room in that particular group or squad. We do keep a short waiting list of swimmers in the event that spots become free during the season. Not all kids who are offered spots take them and we do get some openings during the season due to early withdrawal, move-ups and in the very rare event that we are able to secure additional pool time/space.

It is important for your swimmer to attend BOTH DAYS or THE ENTIRE SESSION of the Rookie Camp that you register for, in order for them to be adequately assessed. We want all swimmers to have a fair chance. Swimmers who are selected must be prepared to attend 90% of all practices and compete at meets.

Parents of swimmers must be prepared to fulfill Volunteer Commitments similar to those outlined below. 

We hope that you will bear with us and understand that we are doing our best to accommodate everyone and while we would love to register everyone, there is simply not enough pool space in the city.

While we have two time slots that run for our Sprocket Group, spots in those time slots will be offered on a first come basis, for as long as there is space in each group. Returning families have first choice over time spots and then we open up space to new families. We try our best to accommodate you and all your schedules, we ask that you bear with us during that sorting out phase.

We look forward to see you at tryouts!


For reference ONLY (subject to change WITHOUT notice.)

Here are the fees and commitments for the 2021/22 season (previous season):


Registration Fee                 $275.00/swimmer - due upon acceptance (non-refundable) 

Family Bond                        $300.00/family - due Oct 1 (refundable when families leave the Club to members in               


Sprocket 1                           $1,160.00 

Sprocket 2                           $1,216.00 

Sprocket 3                           $1,440.00 

Juniors                                 $2,240.00 


Volunteering Commitments

Officiating Commitments: Swim meets are staffed entirely by Volunteering Parents of Swimmers. You are expected to volunteer as part of your commitment to the Club. The shifts you are required to complete are listed below and go according to the group. Shifts are calculated per family, so if you have more than one swimmer your shifts will be based on your most senior swimmer. Most of the Volunteering positions require you to have completed an Officials Course online or in person. These Courses or Clinics are offered free of Charge by Swim Alberta. You as a parent are required to upgrade your “skill” at least once per year. More comprehensive information will be given at registration.

  • Sprocket 1 & 2          3 Shifts
  • Sprocket 3                 4 Shifts
  • Juniors                       6 Shifts

       Bingos Commitments are a huge source of fundraising and parents are expected to complete their shifts.

  • Sprockets maximum 3 shifts                      
  • All other Squads maximum 6 shifts

Club members have 3 options to manage their bingo commitments.

            Option 1 – Work all assigned bingo shifts.

Option 2 – Buy-Out: Sprocket Families  $375; All other Families:  $800 (DEADLINE to buy-out is October 1, 2021.)

Option 3 – Buy-In: Work your base number of bingos and then receive $115 for each additional shift towards your fees.                           

Please be advised that all shifts MUST be covered by an eligible family member i.e. Parent, Step-Parent or other family member over the age of 18yrs who lives in the swimmer’s household. These are the Alberta Gaming Licencing rules governing Bingos.

 Additional Fundraising Commitment: All funds raised through KSC fundraising activities go toward reducing program fees for all members. As such, ALL members have a minimum fundraising commitment amount of:

  • $100/per swimmer - for your first 2 swimmers
  • $50 - for your third swimmer
  • $25/ea - for fourth and additional swimmers.

The full amount of your fundraising commitment will be invoiced to your account at the beginning of the season. Through KSC fundraising events, each member can receive credits to their account for their fundraising activities to a maximum of this fundraising commitment. Members are encouraged to participate in all KSC fundraising activities, and to raise more than the minimum commitment to assist with special funding programs and mitigate future fee increases. The deadline for meeting the fundraising commitment is 31 May of each year. Should a member not meet their commitment by this date, the balance between the funds raised and the minimum commitment will remain as a charge on their account, which will be due with the 1 June payment.

Typically, KSC runs 3 types of fundraising events throughout the year:

             i. Swim-A-Thon (Spring)

            ii. Raffles 

            iii. KSC Silent Auction (mid-Winter)

These may be adjusted or new fundraising events may be added as determined by the Board. Members with fundraising ideas are welcome to propose these to the Board for consideration.

From time to time, to assist in the funding of particular training activities (for example international training camps) the members may choose to undertake additional fundraising activities. ie. Purdy's, bottle drives, wreath sales, etc. These activities will be in excess of the minimum fundraising commitment and will not count towards that commitment.