The smooth operation of a large club such as the KSS depends upon effective communication with and between all members. The KSS attempts to maintain regular communication with our membership as follows:

KSS Website

This website is where you will find all KSS information and publications, as well as links to other swimming and general athletic websites.

The Soggy Log

A periodical news letter given to swimmers on the pool deck (hence the soggy name). News items cover all day to day activities within the club. Please read and retain them for future reference. The most current Soggy Log will be on the KSS website along with downloadable past issues.


Email and our website are critical components of the Sharks communications. Member emails will be requested upon registration.  Members should regularly check email for Sharks information and respond as soon as possible when required.

Training Group Meetings

It is planned to schedule group meetings with swimmers AND parents and their coaches at least once every Swim Season. This will let our coaches discuss the training program, along with just what the coaches hope to achieve with and what they expect from each swimmer. This is also an opportunity for parents and swimmers to ask any questions they may have regarding their (swimmer's) training program.

Progress Reports

Each Junior Sharks swimmer will receive a written progress report, completed by their coach, at the end of each session. This written report will highlight the swimmers accomplishments and provide them with feedback on areas to work on, and help them set goals for the next session or season.