Fundraising Policy

Fundraising Requirements

The club executive will set a fundraising requirement for each swim group.

The fundraising requirements are as follows:

Raffle commitment

  • Competitive Group 1 - $800 worth of tickets in each KSS Raffle
  • Competitive Group 2 - $800 worth of tickets in each KSS Raffle
  • Competitive Group 3 - $600 worth of tickets in each KSS Raffle
  • Pre competitive - $400 worth of tickets in each KSS Raffle

Major KSS Raffles

The 2018/2019 season will include a Fall/Winter Session draw and a Spring/Summer Session draw.

Sessional Projects

Voluntary projects scheduled throughout the Swim Season enable participating swimmers to collect Fundraising Credits.

Fundraising Credit

Swimmers will accumulate fundraising credits for fundraising done above the mandatory requirement. The amount of fundraising credit is determined by the KSS Executive at the end of each fundraising event depending on the success of that event.

  • Raffle Tickets Usually up to 25% credit of the dollar value of the tickets sold above the mandatory requirement is given depending on the success of the raffle.
  • Meet Sponsorship Usually up to 50% of the dollar value of the sponsorships.

Please Note: Fundraising credits cannot be given for donations in which a tax receipt is requested. Fundraising credits can be used by any immediate member of a family under the age of 18 that is actively swimming with the club. If a swimmer skips one or two sessions their fundraising credits remain intact. If a swimmer stops swimming for the swim year (11 months) and then returns to active swimming their fundraising account will be reduced by 50%. Fundraising credits can only be used for eligible expenses as determined by the club executive. Fundraising credits cannot be transferred to a club swimmer who is not an immediate family member. Fundraising credits cannot be cashed in if someone decides to quit swimming.

By September 15 each year, the Membership Accounts Coordinator will determine if there are any unused fundraising credits. These will be reallocated to an account entitled Athlete Travel Funds. This account will be used to support athletes who may not be able to afford to travel to out of town swim meets. The use of these funds will be anonymous, in order to protect the
privacy of the athletes and their families.

Access to this Travel Fund may be limited due to the balance in the account, prior access to the funds, and equitable distribution of the funds.  These funds will be used at the discretion of the Head Coach and a Committee of 2 other Board members to fund athlete travel to out of town swim meets.

In order to access this fund, a completed Access to Athlete Travel Funds form must be completed and submitted with the swim meet registration form.

Access to Athlete Travel Funds form is located here:  Accees to Athlete Travel Funds Form

Fundraising Credit Account (Travel Fund)

An account printout detailing account activity including fundraising credits can be provided to families upon request. When swimmers want to use their fundraising credits for approved uses they must put their request in writing and submit it to the KSS office.

Use of Provincial Lottery Funds

Due to provincial lottery regulations funds raised from lottery approved raffles have restrictions on what they can be used for.

Licensed lottery funds can be used for:

  • Certain swim equipment (swim fins, flutter boards, pull boys, training equipment, lane lines etc) for swimmers under the age of 18.
  • Swim meet costs (transportation, food, and lodging) for any swimmer under the age of 18. (Swim meet costs from meets held outside of Ontario and Manitoba may be disallowed by lottery officials.)
  • Some coaching salaries (for swimmers under 18).
  • Pool rental costs (for swimmers under 18).
  • Swim Club Clothing that remains the property of the club and is not personalized.
  • Approved lottery related fundraising expenses (prizes, advertising, lottery license fees).

Licensed lottery profits cannot be used for:

  • Out-of-country (USA) swim meet expenses.
  • Personal swim clothing (bathing suits and swim goggles).
  • Office and administration costs (rent, photocopying, phone, internet, office supplies, etc).
  • Any costs associated with provision of service for any swimmer 18 or over.
  • Annual club fees, Swim Ontario fees

Please Note: We are always on the lookout for new and different ideas for fundraising projects. Please communicate any ideas for fundraising projects you may have, or information on novel fundraising projects you have seen or heard about, to any member of the KSS Fundraising Committee or our Head Coach.

This policy was updated: Aug 27, 2017