Competitive Group 2 

The CG2 group is for motivated and committed swimmers, who have chosen swimming as their primary activity. The principal of this group is to prepare swimmers for the demands of swimming in the Competitive Group 1. Swimmers in Competitive Group 2 will have achieved Man Sask AA times, or be trending towards AA times. CG2 swimmers will compete in Club, Regional, Provincial and National swim meets. The priorities for this group are technical reliability, attendance, motivation and performance in both training and at meets. CG2 graduates are eligible for entry into the CG1 group (top group).

  • 100 % attendance 
  • Athletes who are involved with other sports must discuss with coach. We strongly encourage multi-sport athletes at this level.
  • Equipment Required:  Team Cap, Fins, Snorkel, Skipping Rope, Water bottle, plus coach required equipment.
  • Meet Attendance: Swimmers are expected to attend Club, Regional, Provincial and National Meets as directed by the Head Coach.
  • Duration: Sept  – end of June