The KSS training program for adults aged 18 to 108!

This program is designed for adult swimmers whose ability levels range from novice (can sort of swim) to experienced national level competitors.

The Masters focus will be upon learning and perfecting the four competitive swimming strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly) as well as the IM (Individual Medley ~ a combination of all four strokes), race skills (starts and turns) and race tactics. Physical fitness and endurance will be developed through the systematic application of training loads designed to gradually develop aerobic conditioning as well as muscular strength and endurance. 

Like to compete? The KSS Masters may compete in two or three Masters Swim Meets in our area (Kenora and Winnipeg). You don't have to be a great swimmer to become a KSS Master Swimmer, but we will do everything in our power to help you become one!

We teach competitive swimming skills which could also be a stepping stone toward other sports i.e. triathlons, ½ marathon and marathon running.