Fundraising is a critical part of the Killarney Synchro Swim Club (KSSC) budget each year. It helps keep our swimmers in the pool. As such all swimmers, except those in Learn to Synchro, are required to fundraise for the club. Pre-competitive swimmers have to raise $125, competitive swimmers $250, pre-national (NAG) and national (NAG) $300 per swimmer. These amounts can seem intimidating to any family, but our Fundraising director ensures there are always great fundraisers lined up each season and the amounts are very achievable. Remember, you can’t spell fundraising without F-U-N!

All the info about current fundraisers is available under the Events tab.


Support the development of young athletes in Alberta with KSSC through club sponsorship.

We are asking for your support through a club sponsorship for the 2018/19 swimming season. This season, our club athletes will be competing throughout Alberta and across Canada.  Your sponsorship helps KSSC to maintain its competitive program and to participate at a competitive level in these events

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Looking for a unique way to support your developing athlete, niece/nephew, grandchild, friend? Volunteer with KSSC. We have many opportunities throughout the season to donate your time and get involved with KSSC.  

Click here to request more details about how you can volunteer with our club.