KW Synchro’s Masters

(a program is for swimmers over 19)

Recreational Masters 


Welcome to KW Synchro’s recreational program for swimmers who are new or have some experience in synchronized swimming, and who want to learn more advanced skills.  KW’s recreational program is designed for adults 19 years or older and will practice once per week for one or two hours with emphasis placed on improvement of synchro skills, swimming strokes, coordination and flexibility. Swimmers have the option of preparing a routine for our club watershows in December (fall session) and May (spring session).

OPTIONAL BINGO: KW Synchro is always looking for assistance with BINGO. Normally held on Sundays from 11:15am-3:30pm. We are asking that all members consider helping out if your schedule permits. 

Recreational Masters program is offered once per week, on SUNDAYS from 4:30-6:00 pm at the Waterloo Swimplex - 101 Father David Bauer Dr, Waterloo, Ontario. 

Program Registration Fee Program Fee Optional Club Suit
Yearly Masters Recreational Program  $101.00 $350.00 $70.00
Yearly Masters Competitive Program $232.00 $350.00 $70.00

Registration fees are non-refundable and include, goggles, nose clip, cap and first months dues. Program fees are based on $50.00 per month, November through May. Competition Fees are an additional expense. Club Spacing Suit is optional.

You may choose to pay the total program cost up front, or make monthly payments. If you choose to pay monthly- fees can be paid by e-transfer on the first of each month or credit card through your account. A credit card convenience fee of 3.65%  and a credit card transaction fee of $0.20 will be charged per transaction. 

To Register, please email or CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Competitive Masters Program

KW Sychnro’s competitive program for swimmers aged 18 years and over who have one or more years of competitive synchro experience. KW’s program emphasis will be placed on improvement of synchro skills, swimming strokes, and maintaining and improving fitness.

Swimmers will prepare a routine to perform at two (2) club watershows, as well as compete in Synchro Canada sanctioned Masters Competitions. This team’s training and competition schedule is still to be determined based on interest from swimmers. If you are interested in training with our Competitive Masters Team, please email KW Synchro for more info at


To maximize the creative atmosphere and experience of all programs, KW Synchro Club requires that participants:

i) Wear a bathing cap to prevent hair from interfering with vision
ii) Wear goggles to prevent irritation of eyes and help with vision under water
iii) Wear a nose clip to enjoy under water activities