Holiday Break Dec 23 to Dec 30. (Senior Gold/Silver start workouts Dec 27 & Senior Bronze/Blue start workouts Dec 29). Regular schedule begins again on Sat Jan 4. The holiday schedule is posted on the LAC website under the “schedule” tab.



Happy New Year to everyone. 

As we embark on the 2nd half of the 2019-20 winter season, just a reminder that improvement in anything is only realistic and sustainable through regular, purposeful, and consistent practice. A couple of famous quotes come to mind in support of the above reality: 1)"90% of success is simply showing up" and 2) "The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary." 

As you head to practice in the cold, dark days of January, remember these truths and use them as guiding lights as you work toward your 2020 swimming goals. And one more saying: "Even if you're on the right track you'll get run over if you simply stand there." GO LAC GO!



LAC canteen committee is planning a bake sale for the 12 and under meet/ time trial weekend. All proceeds will go to the LAC bursary fund, which is used to help our own LAC families. Any baking donations would be appreciated, but if you aren’t a baker, and would like to help, we will also be taking donations of beverages to be sold (in the form of cases of pop). All funds from this sale will be returned directly to the LAC bursary fund. Email for more information, and watch for signups when available!



Any questions or concerns contact Donna at







 Sign up Deadline

 Jan 17-18

 U of Toronto Grand Prix

 UofT downtown

 SrG/S qualifiers

 Jan 7

 Jan 17 - 19

 David Lawson Invit’l


 SR Bronze/Blue

 Jan 1

 Jan 18 - 19

 12 & under Celebration


 All LAC 12 & under

 Jan 1

 Jan 18

 13 & over Time Trial


 All LAC 13 & over

 Jan 6

 Jan 30-Feb 2

 WOSA SC Champs



 Jan 13




Upcoming Clinics: I have scheduled another Introduction to Swimming Officiating (Timer) Clinic and a Judge of Strokes and Turns Clinic.  I MIGHT do one more of each of these this season after these 2, but no guarantees.  These 2 clinics will be the 3rd one of each.  If you were intending to take one or both of these this season but have not yet done so, do try to come this time. Sign-ups should already be posted.  Please do not sign up unless you are going to attend. 

Judge of Strokes and Turns – Monday, January 13, 2020, 6:30PM to 9:30PM – CGAC - Entry Level Meeting Room

Intro to Swimming Officiating – Friday, January 17, 2020, 7:00PM to 9:00PM – CGAC - Entry Level Meeting Room

Other Clinics:  I will present each of the other clinics prior to the Pentathlon in April but I will spread them out to avoid clinic fatigue on everyone’s part.  If there are clinics that you are specifically looking to get but you are only available at certain times, please do let me know and I will see what I can do.  Again, there are no guarantees.  There are potentially over 500 of you and only 1 of me.  Otherwise, watch the newsletter for these to be announced.   

LAC - 12 & Under Celebration and 13 and Over Time Trial (January 18 – 19) - Senior Officials: These meets have a different Competition Coordinator.  Please email your requests to work senior official positions to Denise McDonald at Include “12 & Under Celebration” or “13 and Over Time Trial” in the subject and tell her the sessions that you are available and the jobs that you would like to work.   Be aware that any time you sign up for a senior position, if that position is not available, you MAY be assigned to do any other job that you have the clinic for!  We appreciate your understanding!  If this happens and you are new to that job then please let Denise know so that she can make sure that you have mentorship.  Do not delay!  Denise is already starting to look for outside help!  

London Gliders - Special Olympics Meet (January 19 after the 12 and Under finishes) - This is a fun meet to help out at if you can hang around for another session.  If you are available and willing, for any position that you are qualified for, then please email Patrick and Teresa Moran at to volunteer.  This is not a LAC meet so there are no session credits, just the good feeling you get from helping the community.  Last I checked they were looking pretty good for officials so you MAY not be needed but it would be nice for them to know that we are there for them.

If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at



The Session Credit Policy is posted under the “Parent Info" tab On the LAC website. All returning families and families transferring from another club, please make sure you review the policy and are award of your session credit commitments for the season. Please note that the website lists the sessions as hours: 1 hr. = 1 session.