Sat Jan 25 5:30 – 7:30 am  Age Group Gold/Silver CGAC – no dryland

Sat Jan 25 5:30 – 6:30 am  Age Group Bronze CHOCC

Sat Jan 25 6:00 – 7:00 am  Age Group Blue CHOCC

Fri Jan 31 NO PM Workout Senior Gold/Silver 

Fri Jan 31 5:00 - 6:00 pm CGAC Age Group Gold/Silver/Blue/Bronze not attending WOSA Champs

Sat Feb 1 NO AM Workouts at CGAC

Sat Feb1 Senior Gold/Silver 1:00 - 3:00 pm WSRC

Sat Feb 1 6:00 - 7:00 am CHOCC Age Group Gold/Silver/Blue/Bronze  

Sat Feb 1 7:00 - 8:00 am CHOCC Development 2

Sat Feb 1 8:00 - 9:00 am CHOCC Age Group Orange & Development 1

Sun Feb 2 NO Development 2 workout



CONGRATULATIONS to our 180 swimmers who raced last weekend, 80+ at the 12&Under Celebration, 20 in Toronto at the long course Grand Prix, 19 in Oakville at the David Lawson Invitational, and 60+ Time Trial racers on the Saturday night of the 12&Under meet. There was plenty of good, tough racing on display, with over 20 swimmers achieving 100% PB's at the 12&Under Celebration, plenty of PB's and lots of finals swims for our group in Oakville, some solid swims posted in Toronto at our first long course (50 metre) competition of the season, and lots of first-time swims at the Time Trial. Special "shout-outs" to first-time qualifiers: WOSA Champs - Zain Arwani and Siobhan Morley; Provincial Festival - Aliyah Baron; Eastern Canadian Championships - Hayden Bartoch, Heidi Bartoch and Alana Skilling; Canadian Junior Championships - Hayden Bartoch and Heidi Bartoch. Congratulations also to Carter Buck, who established yet another club record in the 15-17 boys 100BK.

For some of you last weekend proved a bit more challenging, and the PB's perhaps were a little more hard-to-come-by, and that's just fine...provided you keep it in perspective and remember that a good swim does not necessarily have to be a personal best. Everyone swam AMAZINGLY well in December, that's a hard act to follow in the very next meet. But there has to be "the next meet", to practice racing skills, to perhaps shake off the complacency after racing so well in December, and most importantly to underline the reality that you are not going to do a PB every single time you hit the water in competition. The important question is: HOW ARE YOU GOING TO HANDLE THAT REALITY? We certainly don't want you to blow it off with a non-chalant "whatever", because we know how important your swimming is to you and how much you invest in it and how important your goals are. But we also don't want to hear "It sucked" or "It was bad" simply because it wasn't a PB. Hopefully, if understood and handled well, i.e., it's not the end of the world and certainly not worth your tears, this reality, that you can have a GREAT race without it being a PB, and that if you look hard enough you can find something good in almost every race, makes you tougher, and more resilient, and more determined, and moves you closer to your ultimate goal. And, hopefully, it brings you back to your practices more focussed and determined than ever. To appreciate the peaks you have to spend some time in the valleys, and you know there's another mountain out there for you just waiting to be climbed!



Thank you to everyone who donated - we raised over $600 for the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital in New South Wales, Australia. Thank you to Jane Callon for organizing the campaign.



From Meet Management: To all the parents and volunteers who helped make the 12 & Under Celebration Meet a success this year, my heartfelt thanks as meet manager.  It is wonderful to know that we have such good people willing to volunteer their time and efforts, who do all the necessary tasks with quality and excellence, and who are often willing to step in and step up at the last minute to solve problems and fill needs.  You make the task of organizing a swim meet a real joy to do.  Again, thank you. Steve Baarda – Meet Manager

From The Canteen Committee: We would like to thank everyone who donated for their delicious contributions to the bake sale,  We are happy to report we raised over  $235 towards the LAC Bursary fund. Any leftover baking has been donated to the Men's Mission. Thank you!



Already we have 35 swimmers (and 4 chaperones) signed on for our Monday, March 30 excursion to the Pan-Am Pool in Toronto to watch Maggie MacNeil and the rest of our competing swimmers on the first day of the 2020 Olympic Trials. It will be an all-day event and will cost approximately $85 (payment required at a later date), which includes bus, admission to both preliminaries and finals of the Trials to watch all of Canada's top swimmers race for spots on the Olympic and Paralympic teams, a 2 hour training session at the Markham Pan-Am Pool, and lunch and dinner. We have tentatively reserved two 56-passenger coach buses for the day, and would LOVE to fill them to show our support for Maggie and our other Trials swimmers!



Any questions or concerns contact Donna at







 Sign up Deadline

 Jan 30-Feb 2

 WOSA SC Champs



 Jan 13

 Feb 22-23

 Ontario Winter Festivals



 Feb 5

 Mar 5-8

 Ontario Winter Champs



 Feb 17

 Mar 5-8

 Ontario Youth/Jr Champs



 Feb 17

 Mar 7-8

 Wilmot Aces Invitational


 Any LAC

 Feb 17




New LAC Level 2 Officials! – Congratulations to Stacey Stokley and Brad (Neb) Boulianne on completing their requirements and becoming new Level 2 Officials!  Thank you so much.  This helps to ensure that LAC is able to continue hosting meets next season.

LAC - 12 & Under Celebration and 13 and Over Time Trial (January 18 – 19) – Congratulations, and thank you to all of the volunteers at the meets this past weekend.  By all accounts they were great meets that were enjoyed by all. Special thanks to Denise McDonald (Competition Coordinator), Steve Baarda (Meet Manager 12 & Under Celebration) and Pam Cullen (Meet Manager 13 & Over Time Trial) on jobs well done!  The rest of our meets this season are Long Course so all of the starts will be at the Deep End.

London Gliders - Special Olympics Meet (January 19 after the 12 and Under finished) - This was a fun meet!  There were a number of LAC folks there helping out.  Thank you for that!  I know how much our help and expertise is appreciated by the organizers and the swimmers.

Clinics: I will be hosting more clinics in February and March prior to the LAC Pentathlon.  Sign-ups will be posted as soon as they are booked.  This will be the last full set of clinics this season.

Official Registrations – There are still LAC Officials who have received at least 1 registration email from and have not responded.  Another mailing will be sent out shortly for new and previously unconfirmed accounts.  It would be helpful if people could watch for these emails and respond to them as instructed.  All you need to do is: sign on to your officials account, click on the My Info at the top, make any changes as required to the info and then even if you do not make any changes scroll to the bottom and click on the Save button.  If the email is from then it is unlikely to be SPAM or Phishing and you can safely respond.  This is REQUIRED in order for us to activate your account.  It is important to LAC that officials are activated in this way as it affects our ability to host meets. 

If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at



The Session Credit Policy is posted under the “Parent Info" tab On the LAC website. All returning families and families transferring from another club, please make sure you review the policy and are award of your session credit commitments for the season. Please note that the website lists the sessions as hours: 1 hr. = 1 session.