Friday Nov 22 NO workouts due Nothers Invitational

Saturday Nov 23 NO workouts for All Senior and Age Group Programs

Saturday Nov 23 Development 2 swimmers not at Nothers 7:00 – 8:00 am CHOCC

Saturday Nov 23 Development 1 swimmers not at Nothers 8:00 – 9:00 am CHOCC

Intro program will run as usual 9:00 – 9:45 am CHOCC

Sunday Nov 24 No Development 2 due to Nothers​

Holiday Break Dec 23 to Dec 30. (Senior Gold/Silver start workouts Dec 27 & Senior Bronze/Blue start workouts Dec 29). Regular schedule begins again on Sat Jan 4. The holiday schedule is posted on the LAC website under the "schedule" tab.



CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on some strong racing at the November 9 Time Trial. Many of you swam 200m races for the first time, and showed good technique and pacing throughout your swims. Special congratulations to first time Regional Championship qualifiers Reese Krishnathasan and Aaron Zhu, and to first time Provincial Championship qualifiers Hayden Bartoch (OSC), Heidi Bartoch (OYJC) and Abduallah El Tataway (Festival).

Olivier Poirier-Leroy on Goal-Chasing:

You’re not going to win every time. One of the quickest ways to see how people deal with the peaks and valleys in life is to watch them have a bad race. Do they quietly pout back to the stands, foregoing warm-down and giving up on the rest of the meet? Do they freak out, punch the touch pad and storm off inconsolably? Or do they walk back to coach, head down, but resolved to bounce back?

Over the course of your swimming career there will be times when you hit the top of the podium, just like there will be times when you place at or near the bottom of the heap. You are going to have bad races. There are going to be times where life just doesn’t seem fair, where you should have won but didn’t, those performances that weren’t reflective of the work and commitment you had invested in the water. The question then becomes, equally in the pool as it applies to life outside of the lane lines—how will you bounce back? What will you do to make that particular setback the best thing to ever happen to you?

Results come by being good a lot, not by being great sometimes.

We all wear the perfectionist hat sometimes. Some of us more often than others.Perfectionists tell themselves that every workout has to be a 10/10, take the bad swims personally, and value themselves far too much on what they accomplish in the pool. The reality is this: Not every workout will go perfectly. Not every race will go according to plan. Mistakes, DQ’s and suit rips will happen. And your self-esteem should not entirely rest on what you do with your swimming.

When we learn to chase greatness instead of perfection in the pool and in life we discover that we are more resilient to failure by creating more realistic goals. By chasing 8’s and 9’s in practice we make far more progress as opposed to expecting every workout to be an elusive (and impossible) 10. Set goals that are super-challenging and force you to give your very best every day, but yet are also realistic, understand and accept that some days will be better than others, and you will have a much more positive, satisfying and successful swimming journey.



London Aquatic Club has put aside some sponsorship money for the Training Bursary Program for swimmers and their families in need of financial assistance to fund some of their training costs.

Applications can be submitted using the LAC Mailbox in the lobby of the Canada Games Aquatic Centre.  Place the completed application in a sealed envelope with Training Bursary Application marked on the outside.  The applications will be reviewed by a small, independent committee and the information provided on the application will be kept in strictest confidence in accordance with privacy legislation.

The application period is November 15 to 30, with results communicated by December 15. Bursary awards will be in the form of a credit to the family account divided monthly from February to June. This information is posted on the LAC website under “Parent Info”. For the Application Form, please Click Here



If your swimmer requires team travel for this event please indicate "Team Travel" in the comment box when you sign up for the meet.  COST: $350.00 (estimate)
Sign-Up Deadline for Team Travel: November 18th



PAD payments will be withdrawn Nov 15. if you have any membership questions or concerns contact Donna at lacmembership01@gmail.com.







 Sign up Deadline

 Nov 22 - 24

 Nothers Invitational


 ALL LAC swimmers

 Nov 4

 Dec 13 - 15

 Ont Jr International


 Sr qualifiers

 Dec 2

 Dec 13 - 15

 Team Showdown


 Sr & AG Gold/Silver

 Nov 25

 Dec 14

 Holiday Time Trial


 All LAC swimmers

 Dec 2

 Jan 17-19

 UToronto Grand Prix

 UofT downtown

 SrG/S qualifiers

 Jan 7

 Jan 17 - 19

 David Lawson Invit’l


 SR Bronze/Blue

 Jan 1

 Jan 18 - 19

 12 & under Celebration


 All LAC 12 & under

 Jan 1

 Jan 18

 13 & over Time Trial


 All LAC 13 & over

 Jan 6



Fall Time Trial – Thank you!  – Great job officials!  We run some pretty great meets and we do NOT let our time trials be an exception!  

Nothers Fall Invitational – A few Senior Officials Needed!  Nothers is huge and a lot of officials are needed to run it.  I have had a very good response for senior officials but there some sessions that I KNOW are short by a few, Friday session 1&2, and 4&5 and Sunday finals.  There could be more depending on the mix of qualifications that I have in each session.  This meet requires 2 marshals and an Assistant Chief Timekeeper (ACT) whenever we are running the shallow end which is every session except the last one each day.  ACT requires the Chief Timekeeper (CT) clinic but the CT, NOT the ACT, gives the briefing so it is a good way to ease into the CT role.  Ideally, Marshals will have the Clerk of Course Clinic but it is not mandatory.  The assigned Clerk of Course will be in charge and will give you directions on your duties.  This is a great way to ease into Clerk of Course role.  The other position where I MIGHT be able to use you is Stroke Judge.  You need the Strokes and Turns clinic for this one but we have 154 people who qualify in that way.  If you like S&T, like walking and hate being stuck at the end of a lane, this job might be for you.  If anyone is interested in any of these jobs, or any of the other Senior Official jobs it may not be too late.  If interested and you have the clinic (where required), email me with ‘Nothers’ in the subject, the sessions that you are available, and the jobs that you are interested in.  If you have already signed up for minor official jobs, stay signed up until I confirm that I am giving you a senior job in that session.

Nothers Fall Invitational – Minor Official Sign-ups Are Posted – After one day, we looking pretty good in 3 of our sessions but the rest have a long way to go.  Please get in there a volunteer early.   

Clinics – There are only 2 clinics remaining before Nothers.  Please see below for the remaining dates.  Sign-ups are on the LAC Home Page.  More clinics will be offered later.  Everyone is welcome to sign-up but session credits are only given the FIRST time you take each clinic.  If you want a refresher, feel free to come out multiple times.  Please do not sign up if you are NOT going to attend.  There are a lot of no shows at the clinics and that is not fair to the people who could not sign up because it was ‘full’.  Clinics can be taken in any order but ideally the Introduction clinic is taken early.   

If you would like to see a brief summary of what these jobs are then log into the LAC website and then click on this link: https://www.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=canlac&_stabid_=114217

Chief Finish Judge/Chief Judge Electronics – Wednesday, November 13, 7:00 – 9:00 PM, CGAC-Pool level meeting room

Judge of Strokes and Turns – Friday, November 15, 6:30 – 9:30 PM, CGAC-entry level meeting room

If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at lac.coc@gmail.com



The Session Credit Policy is posted under the “Parent Info" tab On the LAC website. All returning families and families transferring from another club, please make sure you review the policy and are award of your session credit commitments for the season. Please note that the website lists the sessions as hours: 1 hr. = 1 session.