Welcome back! Workouts start the week of September 16, group schedules are available on the LAC website under the “schedule” tab.



WELCOME BACK everyone! We trust that everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable summer, and also trust that you are all ready and eager to work hard and have fun as you start next week on the long road toward your 2019-20 goals. For those of you joining the LAC family for the very first time, a big warm WELCOME, we all hope you are as excited to join our great team as we are to have you!

The first few weeks of the year are always an exciting time, as you get re-acquainted with your swimming family, some of whom you might not have seen for a while. Enjoy this, but at the same time make sure when you are in the water and the coaches are directing you, you are giving them your undivided attention. Listen with your ears and your eyes. Pay attention to your coaches and their instructions, make sure you understand exactly how the stroke drills are to be done, and focus on the basics: ready position on the wall, push-offs, streamlines, underwater kicks, and head & body position.Try to channel all of your energy and enthusiasm that has been "cooped up" since early July into focussing on your technique and the small details and developing great practice habits. If you can do this now, good technique and the tiny details and great habits will become almost automatic later. ​

The coaches are all looking forward to a great year. STRONG ALONE - UNSTOPPABLE TOGETHER - GO LAC GO!



Our new partner in swim wear and swim equipment supplies, ALL TIDES, will be in London this Friday (Sept.13) from 5-8pm and Saturday (Sept.14) from 7-9:30am, in the Canada Games Aquatic Centre ground level Multi-Purpose Room, to help everyone with any swim suit, spirit wear and swim equipment questions/needs you may have. There are required pieces of swim equipment (fins, pullbuoys, snorkels, paddles) depending on the group you are in, and there will be coaches there on both days, along with the ALL TIDES staff, to help you make the proper selections. 

You all received an email last week outlining our new requirement of a team swim suit for all groups Age Group Orange and above. While we are NOT using the word MANDATORY, it is the sincere hope of the coaching staff and Board of Directors that, absent a legitimate reason why not, everyone will have purchased and be using this valuable piece of team equipment in the very near future. The ARENA products available are very high quality, and can be worn in both the practice and competition settings, and last far far longer (with the proper care) than any suit you may buy "off the rack" from a non-competitive swimming retailer. There will be 3 suit options available for females, and 2 options for males. We are seeking understanding and compliance on this, but are not intent on enforcement (at this early stage). However, if you come away from this weekend's sale with only one piece of equipment, make it the team suit! 

Cash, debit and credit card payments will be accepted. Cheques will not be accepted.



Swimmer statements should be out later this week. All returning swimmers should must complete their registration on the LAC website to confirm their commitment to the 2019-20 season. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Donna at


We are looking for 3-4 LAC parents that are interested in joining a small committee to reach out to local businesses to support /advertise with our club.  All of the information will be provided for you to forward on to potential supporters. For more details please contact Once we have a few interested parties, we will set up a brief meeting at your convenience. 



If you have any pictures of your swimmer from last season that you would like to be included in the slideshow at the banquet, please forward your photos to Amy Hart at Deadline is October 11th. If you would prefer not to have your child’s photo included in the slideshow, please contact Amy or your coach.



Hello LAC Families!  Welcome to the 2019/20 LAC swimming season!

For those of you who are new, I am Mark Lukings and Rose Bloch-Hansen and I are the LAC Club Officials Chairpersons and with Donna Moskal are the LAC Club Officials Administrators.  Rose and my job is to make sure that we have enough qualified officials to run the swim meets that LAC hosts.  To do this we will host clinics to teach the different officiating positions and we will register officials with Swim Canada and track the clinics taken and the experience achieved so that we know who has what qualifications.  Once you take the Introduction to Swimming Officiating Clinic, you will discover that you are involved in a very participatory sport.  Rose and I will be looking forward to meeting you at the clinics and on the pool deck at meets this season!

LAC - Fall Start-Up – Sunday, October 20 – Early o’clock!  - this is our first meet.  It is a season kick-off Time trial which means it is just for LAC and it introduces new swimmers to swim meets in a relaxed environment.  For those of you who are returning and are qualified, I am already accepting offers from people to work senior positions for which you are qualified.  I already have a Starter, Meet Manager, and Competition Coordinator, but everything else is available.  Sign-ups for Judges of Strokes and Turns and Timekeepers will be posted early in October.       

Clinics – I will be hosting the Introduction to Swimming  Officiating, Judge of Strokes and Turns, and the Starter (the person who starts the races) clinics in October, prior to the LAC – Fall Start-up.  Sign-ups will be posted later this month.

Official Registrations – New officials are registered after they have taken their first clinic AFTER the Introduction to Swimming Officiating clinic.  We will register you.  When we register you in the Swim Canada website as an official or when returning officials are reactivated by Swim Canada, you will receive an email from Swim Canada with instructions on how to complete the activation of your account.  Please do not ignore this.  Follow the instructions to log onto you account, review that information and then SAVE the information, even if it is already correct and no changes are required.  Saving is what activates your account.  It is important to LAC that officials are activated in this way as it affects our ability to host meets.

PIPEDA Forms:  Every official is required to fill out this form EVERY year.  Please go to this link: and print out as many copies as is required for the number of officials in your family.  Each official should read the form and fill it out and it should be signed by the official or their legal guardian, if the official is not 18.  When all of the forms are filled out, please give them to your swimmer’s coach who will get them to Donna OR you can put them in the LAC mail box at CGAC on the wall to the right as you enter the building.           

If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at



The Session Credit Policy is posted under the “Parent Info" tab On the LAC website. All returning families and families transferring from another club, please make sure you review the policy and are award of your session credit commitments for the season.