2020-21 NEWSLETTER 12



There will be no workouts from Dec 21 to Dec 27 as well as Jan 1st – Happy Holidays!

Regular schedule will resume Monday Dec 28.

The practice schedule for New Year's Eve Dec 31 will be published soon.



Check out Maggie MacNeil's interview with SWIMSWAM in the "NEWS" section of the website! Congratulations to the 16 of you who participated in the first session of the Head to Head Olympic Mentorship Stroke&Resilience series - all reports are there was lots of GREAT information shared and swimming ideas discussed. And also to the 70+ of you who have signed on for the GOSWIM Virtual Education Series - lots of great ideas and tips on stroke technique guided by GOSWIM founder and U.S. Olympian Glenn Mills. If you are not signed up for the GOSWIM program you may still do so - you've only missed one of the eight sessions to be provided over the course of the year.

"MICRO-WINS" - another concept from Olivier Poirier Leroy

We’ve all experienced the doldrums of motivation.  When we are frustrated, our morale has sunk to levels that are nearly unfathomable, and a dark cloud of doubt follows us around and infects every decision we make. “No they won’t!” you blurt out, tears welling in your eyes when coach says things will turn around eventually. This depth of despair is frustratingly common. The cause of it? It’s not because you ran out of TV shows to reward yourself with, or ate all of the cupcakes…it’s because progress has stalled out. Where once you were improving by leaps and bounds now progress has come to a grinding halt.  You are possibly even swimming slower in some instances.  All that work, all those meters (and early morning meters)…What was the point?!

How can we turn this around? Our greatest source of motivation comes from being in control of our swimming, of mastering our technique and conditioning. Of seeing ourselves improving.  Again…it comes from progress...every single day...a tiny bit of progress.  Okay, let’s be realistic here…you’re not going to swim a best time every day in practice. (Although that would be great.)  Each practice doesn’t need to be the best ever.  But there should be a tangible little win each day.  Just…something that you did that is a sign of progress.  A set you overcame. A breathing pattern you mastered. A commitment to technique you upheld.  These little wins, although they barely cause a ripple individually, cascade into a giant wave over the long term. ("Micro-wins!") And most importantly, they are the engine behind having consistent and legitimate motivation. The kind of motivation that is real, internal, and 100% useful later on.

"Little by little, one walks far."  (Peruvian proverb)



More racing is on the way!  As long as Londoners keep behaving, we are planning on giving more swimmers a chance to start racing in December!

This week we will be applying for 4 more sanctioned time-trials.

  1. December 19, Warm-Up 4:00 PM, Racing 4:30 to 5:30 PM – 24 Swimmers – Age Group Silver  
  2. December 19, Warm-Up 6:30 PM, Racing 7:00 to 8:00 PM – 24 Swimmers – Senior Gold 
  3. December 31, Warm-Up 7:00 AM, Racing 7:30 to 8:30 AM – 24 Swimmers – Age Group Bronze
  4. December 31, Warm-Up 9:30 AM, Racing 10:00 to 11:00 AM – 24 Swimmers – Age Group Blue / Senior Bronze 2 (that did not swim in a time trial yet).

There will be no spectators allowed and minimal officials. MOST officials can only work one session per week.

We are only using the 4 even-numbered lanes.  We will have 4 officials on the start/finish end and hopefully 2 spare officials.  At least 3 of these 6 must be S&T qualified.  The will each operate a plunger and maybe a watch.  There will be 2 S&T on the bulkhead.  No Stroke Judges.  Donna will send out emails to the families who have swimmers in each group looking for the 8 minor officials. We are trying to minimize cross-practice-bubble interactions. 2 of the 8 minor officials will need to be Safety Marshalls.

For senior officials, the Competition Coordinator will also be the Referee.  We have Meet Manager and a new position called Safety Coordinator all filled.  For each session, I still need a Starter, a Timing System Operator, and a Chief Timekeeper/Clerk of Course.  The timing system operator is a job where the person can work up to 3 sessions a week.  I would prefer to have one person for each day be the timing system operator.  If you are qualified and want to volunteer for any of these 3 X 4 positions, please email me with your requests.  Please indicate a preferred day/session.          

Swim Ontario is now insisting that ALL of a club’s level 2 and higher officials must be fully registered to work at a meet.  Same goes for officials from last year.  I have not been doing clinics yet so that means everyone on deck must be fully registered.  I am REQUIRED to confirm this.  NO officials will be allowed on deck if they are not fully registered.

To assist you with the registration process, I have added a page on the LAC website to step you through the process.  Sign in to your LAC account, hover your cursor over the OFFICIALS tab, click on REGISTER ON SWIMMING.CA from the drop-down menu and follow the instructions there. Note that there are different types of accounts.  The official’s accounts will have a different sign-on than a parent or swimmer account.  I have 3 separate accounts.  If you do not know your username and password for your official’s account, please ask me and I can provide that to you.  There are a lot of you who do not even know that you have an official’s account with Swimming Canada so don’t be surprised if you are contacted to please register.  We are only contacting those who are offering to be an official but have not yet registered.

If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at [email protected]



We encourage all swimmers to have an extra cap and goggles, the coaching staff will not be allowing swimmers to borrow caps and goggles at this time. If you require a new LAC swim cap, a coach will give your swimmer a new cap at work-out and we will add $12.00 to your swimmer account and it will be taken out of your account with your monthly fees. You can find your swim equipment information on our website when you are logged in: https://www.teamunify.com/team/canlac/page/swimmer-equipment.



If you have any questions regarding All Tides orders or product concerns, please contact the following email address [email protected]