2020-21 NEWSLETTER 19



There will be NO in Water Workouts until the Ontario Lockdown has been lifted.

Dryland workouts are listed on the LAC-TIVE Home Fitness Page on the LAC website. Please note, effective Feb 1,  Mon-Wed-Fri cardio sessions have reverted to 4-5pm for Senior groups and 5:15-5:45pm for Junior groups.

Membership fees will continue at the reduced rate of 50% until further notice.



We are excited to announce a couple of new opportunities for our swimmers:

1) We are adding a R&R (Roll & Recovery) session on the first Saturday of each month. We will still be offering a shortened Yoga session before the roll-out and recovery session begins. We encourage swimmers to use the Yoga session to warm their muscles up before rolling them out. The first session will be this Saturday, February 6th . We will be using the same link as the Saturday Yoga sessions.

10:00-10:30 AM Yoga – offered to all LAC swimmers
10:30-11:00 AM Foam Roller Session – offered to LAC swimmers ages 11 and older

For the roll-out session, you will need a foam roller and/or massage ball - here are a few links to browse:




IMPORTANT: use a smooth foam roller rather than a bumpy one, especially if you are new to foam rolling

A massage ball (lacrosse or tennis) can also be used. A yoga mat should be used as well to lay on.


2) One of our former swimmers and coaches, Yudi Yang, is working with a startup called Mindset Masters, empowering people to develop a growth mindset and reach their highest potential. This month, Mindset Masters is offering a series of 3 FREE workshops that Yudi feels could greatly benefit LAC swimmers. In particular, Mindset Masters has partnered with Olympian Penny Oleksiak for a workshop on Wed Feb 10 from 7:00- 8:30PM. 

The sign up link is here: https://www.mindsetmasters.ca/courses/pennyoleksiak

More information on Mindset Masters can be found at: www.mindsetmasters.ca

3) GOSWIM TV has asked us to share the link below with our entire membership and ask that you download and rate this new free app (which includes 7 videos weekly) with as many stars as possible.  GOSWIM is in the soft launch phase of the app, and are asking their friends and partners to help get them into the search engines. 


“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said 'faster horses'. ” – Henry Ford



There are two fundraising events planned for the spring:

1) Valu Village accepts clothing donations and pays the donor on a "per pound" basis - we are planning to undertake a used clothing drive, with drop-off and delivery scheduled for mid-April. Please start gathering up any used clothing you wish to donate and put it in garbage bags. A Saturday morning in April will be set aside for you to drop off your clothing in the Banting High School parking lot, where it will be loaded into a rented truck and delivered to Valu Village 

2) our second North Country Meats fundraiser will happen this spring, with product delivery planned for Sat May 15. The same protocols and procedures will be in place as for our first, very successful, campaign.

Stay tuned for more details on both of these great opportunities to help keep LAC financially viable in these uncertain times.


Nothing to report! If you have any officiating questions please contact Mark Lukings, L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at [email protected]



All group swim equipment information can be found on our website when you are logged in: https://www.teamunify.com/team/canlac/page/swimmer-equipment.



Please remember that any individual swim equipment purchases you make on the AllTides website using our LAC coupon code result in a kickback to the club, received at the end of the year. Last year the club received almost $1000 through this arrangement, most of which was put toward the purchase of dryland training equipment. You are helping the club by making your swim equipment purchases through AllTides. If you have any questions regarding All Tides orders or product concerns, please contact the following email address [email protected]