2020-21 NEWSLETTER 8



PUSHING THE NEEDLE TO THE RIGHT (more from Olivier Leroy): 

If you think of your attitude as a fuel gauge in a car, with E (empty) on the left and F (full) on the right, imagine these as the important points on your mindset spectrum: E (empty) on the bottom far left = "I won't." Nobody's going anywhere with this attitude. At the quarter-full mark is "I can't" - time to start thinking about getting re-fueled and re-charged...pay attention...do I act now or do I wait? "I won't and "I can't" are also known as "fixed mindsets"...when people are convinced things can never change, "It is what it is" we hear a lot these days. As we continue along the mindset gauge, at the top (half-full) is "I'll try", at the 3/4 mark is "I can" and way over on the bottom right (full) is "I will." These words and attitudes are part of a "growth mindset", where we think about what we can do to change things and strive for continuous improvement.

Imagine a Formula 1 race car, a Ferrari or a Jaguar or a BMW or a Renault, and imagine that by focussing on your training every single day and giving every set and every repeat your very best effort, you are actually turning yourself into a high performance machine, a Ferrari if you will. But that high performance machine is only going to perform as well as it's fuel gauge, and its driver.




November 3 – 15 - ALL forms and money must be submitted by November 18th and delivery will be Saturday November 28th in the CGAC parking lot.

Sell boxes of frozen meat and seafood to friends, neighbours, co-workers and family…and best of all, stock your own freezer! This program is offered through North Country Meats, which is the fundraising arm of MacGregor Meats. For each box of meat sold by a family, 50% of the profit will go to LAC, the other 50% will be applied as a credit towards reducing your swim fees (please note, money raised by swimmers can not be taken as cash, only as a credit towards your account)

LAC needs your support…with no swim meets to date, we have not been able to raise important funds to support our programs. We also believe that this is an excellent way to help families reduce their swim fees!

Please note: All families will be responsible for delivering their meat orders to their customers. We are hoping that every family can sell a minimum of 5 boxes of meat to help make this fundraiser a great success.

Please find attached: 

1.     The Product Information Brochure is to be shared with potential purchasers - CLICK HERE

2.     Sellers order form to compile your customer’s orders and collect money from your customers -  CLICK HERE

3.     Each Family summarizes their orders on the Sellers Order Form - CLICK HERE and submits the form to [email protected] and etransfers the total amount of the order to [email protected] (please be sure to include your 'swim family name' and the word 'meat fundraiser' in the comment section of your etransfer) 

Make sales by email, social media or door-to-door (safely!)…they will all work!

Any questions should be emailed to Nicole Chambers at [email protected]

Thanks for your support!

LAC Fundraising Team

Nicole Chambers & Mike Buck



Please see your swimmer's coach to pick your order after Thursday this week.



Good News!  Swim Ontario has recognized that Covid-19 is not affecting all areas of the province in the same way at this time and they have decided that Phase 3 regions will be allowed to sanction Phase 1 Return to Racing meets.  These are small in-house 1 session meets but they allow our swimmers to get official times that hopefully can be used later to enter higher level meets.  We have also been given the go ahead to host Zoom-based official’s clinics.  There will be more to come on that later.

To host these Phase 1 meets we are going to need to be able to staff them with officials.  Swim Ontario is now insisting that ALL of a club’s level 2 and higher officials must be fully registered in order for us to receive a sanction to hold a meet. We need to apply for sanctions by this Friday so this is urgent.

Furthermore, all other officials must be at least part-way through the registration process to step on deck.  They must complete the Assumption of Risk form and the Covid Attestation form.  In my opinion, if you get that far, you might as well complete all of your steps in the registration process.  This requirement is imminent as well.  Less than 3 weeks away.

To assist you with this process, I have added a page on the LAC website to step you through the process.  Sign in to your LAC account, hover your cursor over the OFFICIALS tab, click on REGISTER ON SWIMMING.CA from the drop-down menu and follow the instructions there.

We intend to try to host two 1-session meets on each of Nov 21 and Nov 22.  We will need officials to do this and those officials MUST qualify to go on deck.  If you have been registered before, please go ahead and register again.   We will be going with MINIMAL officials but that minimum adds up quickly because most officials will only be allowed to work one session a week for these phase 1 meets.  Each of the 4 sessions will, mostly, need a new set of officials. 

If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at [email protected]



We encourage all swimmers to have an extra cap and goggles, the coaching staff will not be allowing swimmers to borrow caps and goggles at this time. If you require a new LAC swim cap, a coach will give your swimmer a new cap at work-out and we will add $12.00 to your swimmer account and it will be taken out of your account with your monthly fees. You can find your swim equipment information on our website when you are logged in: https://www.teamunify.com/team/canlac/page/swimmer-equipment.



If you have any questions or changes for your All Tides order please contact the following email address [email protected].