2020-21 NEWSLETTER 5



Whether you are back in the pool full-time or getting just a few minutes in the water each day, you need to make each stroke and lap count. Pool space and training time is limited, teams everywhere, including national center athletes, are competing for pool space, rarely getting more than an hour or so in the water per day...a far cry from the pre-pandemic training schedule. (Still, way better than nothing!)  Instead of spending up to four hours per day in the water, swimmers are learning to make do with an hour (or less). This drop in pool time and space means that swimmers are having to do more with less. Which isn’t as bad a thing as it sounds.

This week's tip from Olivier Leroy on how to make your limited time in the water more effective than ever.


Even if you are going far from race speeds, building the race and results you want begins in practice. Simple as that. Take your race plan, the way you want to execute that dream race, and use performance cues to begin putting that ideal race on “auto-pilot” in practice. Let’s say you are doing a set of threshold (AT)100s at practice. Use the same race plan to conquer those 100s as you would on race day - easy speed on the first 25, build the middle 50, charge home with a race finish on the fourth 25. Do this enough times, and your ideal race strategy becomes habitual. The race you drop in competition is the product of your training habits, so choose accordingly!



While circumstances will prevent us from hosting a live, in-person banquet this fall, we will still be acknowledging everyone's accomplishments last year, and handing out all of our traditional awards. Stay tuned for the time and date of our virtual awards ceremony.



If you have any questions or changes for your All Tides order please contact the following email address [email protected].


We have recently deactivated our current credit card provider portal and have transferred all credit card orders to PayPal for the time being.

Paypal has historically proven to be a safe gateway and we have yet to experience any issues with this portal, nor do we expect any.

Keeping our order system safe is our top priority and we will continue work relentlessly in order to find a safe solution for our customers.

For any questions, I invite you to personally get in touch with me at 1-800-935-4878.

Thank you for your understanding.

Have a great day,




The club undertakes from time to time various fundraising events, to help reduce costs while enhancing LAC programming. An exciting fundraising opportunity will be announced here in the next few weeks, which the club feels has the potential to very lucrative, even in these uncertain times. Stay tuned for more information.




If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at [email protected]



We encourage all swimmers to have an extra cap and goggles, the coaching staff will not be allowing swimmers to borrow caps and goggles at this time. If you require a new LAC swim cap, a coach will give your swimmer a new cap at work-out and we will add $12.00 to your swimmer account and it will be taken out of your account with your monthly fees. You can find your swim equipment information on our website when you are logged in: https://www.teamunify.com/team/canlac/page/swimmer-equipment.



All-Tides and Speedo have partnered with Swim Canada to offer a small club fundraiser. For a period of two months starting Sept. 1, swimmers, parents, coaches and all swim fans will be able to raise funds for the club of their choice. A dedicated page can be found on the All Tides online store, where one can choose from a selection of Speedo products, and enter their club code when completing the purchase. Speedo will give the club 20 per cent of the total purchase amount. The club code to raise money for LAC is LAC. Unfortunately, we will not be able to customize the items ordered from this speedo fundraiser.

The speedo fundraiser is found here: https://www.alltides.com/en/speedoclub?p=1