No SrGold/SrSilver/SrBronze this Sunday morning Dec 19 due to the time trial.

No Development 2-3-4 practices this Sunday Dec 19.

Intro group Sunday practice has been moved to 5-6pm on Saturday Dec 18 at the Boys&Girls Club.


The Dec 27 – Jan 2 practice schedule is posted on the LAC website under the “schedule” tab.

If you have any questions about the practice schedule, please direct them to your swimmer's primary group coach. 



CONGRATULATIONS to our 5 swimmers who raced at the Ontario Junior International last weekend at the Toronto Pan-Am Sports Centre. The meet is arguably the fastest short course (25m) competition of the year in Canada, and our group rose to the occasion, swimming to 11 new personal bests, qualifying for 15 evening finals swims, and achieving 12 LAC all-time Top 10 performances. Highest finishes were: Amaris 5th in 200BR, Baris 8th in 50BK, Niamh 9th in 50BR, Lauren 14th in 200IM, and Siporah 15th in 50FL. Well done team!

Good luck to everyone racing in our two time trials this Sunday. As always, race smart, race tough, and have fun!



The Board of Directors has unanimously approved the revision of the club's COVID-19 mandatory vaccination policy to now include those swimmers born in 2010 or later, who are now eligible for vaccinations. In order to participate in LAC programming, all swimmers born in 2010 or later now must have their first vaccination by January 1, 2022 and their second vaccination by March 1, 2022. While we are hopeful this will not be the case, any families unable or unwilling to comply with this policy will be eligible for a membership fees refund to be determined based on their swimmer's last day of participation in the program.

Either a hard copy or a digital copy of proof of vaccination presented to the swimmer's primary coach shall be the process by which swimmers are confirmed eligible to participate in LAC programming.



The remainder of our 2nd spiritwear order (primarily backpacks) should be here before Christmas!



If you have any questions about your swimmer statement please email Donna at [email protected]



Hey thanks to everyone for filling all of the Holliday Time Trial Official sign-ups so quickly!  This makes my job much easier as I have time to make sure everything is in order.

Official Registrations: Thank you for your tolerance of my having to enforce Swim Ontario’s requirement that EVERY volunteer now be registered as an official prior to helping at any meet.  Looking now, I can see that we have 194 officials with accounts and only 17 of those are still not registered.  That is very good!  Of course at every meet a few new people sign up and we need to register them too.  We are growing a pretty impressive team of volunteers!

A word about signing up for jobs: I need to know who is actually going to show up at the meet or clinic.  When you sign up, please put the full name of the volunteer in the additional information.  Without this information I have to assume it is the name on the LAC account and, if that is not true, then I will have no opportunity to make sure the person is registered.  If the wrong person shows up, and they are not registered or do not even have an account then they will not be allowed to help and we will be short staffed.

Looking ahead: the next meet on the Schedule is the 12 & Under Celebration (with an evening session for 13 and Over swimmers thrown in there).  This is planned for the afternoon of January 15 (with the 13 and over session in the evening) and the morning of January 16.  The minor official sign-ups will either appear on January 3rd, or maybe next week, to get an early start.  If you want to be a senior official, and are qualified, then please email me with the session(s) that you are available and the jobs that you are interested in.  Please include ‘12 & Under Celebration’ in the subject.

Clinics: I will be having clinics in some form between now and the 12 & Under Celebration (January 15 & 16), and more before WOSA (February 25 to 27).     

If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings, L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at [email protected]  Note: This is volunteer work for me, so I may not get back to you immediately but, if urgent, I can handle a reminder.



With us seemingly back to almost-normal with sanctioned swim meets, as more clubs and more swimmers come to our hosted meets, the need for more volunteer officials will be even greater. The club has a long-standing policy regarding volunteer participation in our hosted swim meets, which includes the "earning" of mandatory session credits through working at our hosted swim meets.  The session credit policy can be found on the LAC website under the "parent info" tab under "LAC policy #2 - Club Hosted Meets and Session Credits".

Families of swimmers in Age Group and Senior are required to earn 22 session credits each year.

Families of returning Development swimmers are required to earn 11 session credits.

New families are not required to earn session credits but can transfer up to 5 session credits if they should decide to volunteer (which of course is encouraged and applauded)!

Families with swimmers that have transferred from another team are considered returning swimmers and are subject to the session credit policy.

Any unworked session credits will be billed to your swimmer account at $40 per session.

*Please know that our Session Credit Policy is under constant scrutiny from the Board of Directors and, if it is deemed necessary, revisions to the policy may be implemented.



Please remember that all individual swim practice equipment purchases you make on the All Tides website using our LAC coupon code result in a kickback to the club, received at the end of the year. Last year the club received almost $1000 through this arrangement, most of which was put toward the purchase of dryland training equipment. You are helping the club by making your swim equipment purchases through AllTides. All group swim equipment information can be found on our website when you are logged in: