May 10 2022 - NEWSLETTER 36


WORKOUT CHANGES - a new tentative practice schedule has been posted on the website under the "Schedules" tab. It will start on Tue May 24, including additional pool time at Western University and the Thames Park outdoor pool.  

Thursday May 12        NO PM workouts at CGAC

Friday May 13               NO workouts at CGAC

Sat May 14                    NO workouts at CGAC except Development 1   7:30 – 8:30 AM at CGAC 

Sun May 15                   NO workouts at CGAC except Development 2  7:30 – 8:30 AM at CGAC 

Mon May 23                  NO workouts except Senior Gold/Silver 9:00 – 11:00 AM at CGAC



We've been talking about how to better handle distractions when you are at a competition...of course with the help and insights of Olivier Poirier Leroy. Two weeks ago it was about building a process - a plan - for race day, to help keep you focussed on easily achieveable tasks. Last week, it was about not getting too hung up or freaked out if a wrench gets thrown into your race day plan (put a little zen in your con-zen-tration). This week, it's about paying attention to your senses.

When you manage your senses, you manage distractions. Ever notice how some swimmers have a completely blank look on their faces behind the blocks? You can see that they are amped up by their body movements—arms swinging, legs pumping, fidgeting—but they are staring off into the distance, doing that thousand-yard stare. This is a way to keep your focus where you want it.  Instead of looking around and getting overwhelmed by what’s happening around you—the crowd, other swimmers, your coach pacing nervously up and down the pool deck—get locked down into your own thoughts...your "zone"...your "special place".  Music can definitely help with this.  Listening to music before your race, both in the hours leading up to the start of the race and when you're standing behind the blocks as your heat approaches, can help keep your thoughts and focus from running away.

If you find yourself getting distracted or overwhelmed, take control of your senses.  Pick a visual anchor to look at while you are waiting for your event. Put together a playlist that helps you stay within your positive self-talk and thoughts.

Most often, it’s not the most "talented" swimmer or the hardest worker or the swimmer who brags the most who wins on race day, it’s the swimmer who has mastered the process of racing at the peak of their abilities. The swimmer who properly frames pre-race nerves, has a routine for success and manages distractions, both internal and external, freeing them up to swim fast.  You can be that swimmer.

Good luck to everyone racing at Hollandia this weekend - race smart, race tough, have fun...and use this meet as a chance to work on ways to improve how you handle distractions!!  If you don't take time off in a single race, but you improve how you handle distractions, the weekend will have been successful and you will have become a better swimmer, building toward future success!



Thursday   Session 1 - 8/1500 FR       Warm Up: 3:00 – 3:45 pm 

Development Time Trial                       Warm-Up: 6:00-6:45 PM                                                   

Friday       Session 2 - 11 & Under       Warm Up: 9:00 – 10:00 am                

                 Session 3 - 12 to 14            Warm Up: 12:00 - 1:00 pm          

                 Session 4 - 15 & Over         Warm Up: 5:00 – 6:00 pm           

Saturday  Session 5 - 11 & Under        Warm Up: 9:00 – 10:00 am                                                       

                 Session 6 - 12 to 14           Warm Up: 12:00 – 1:00 pm         

                 Session 7 - 15 & Over        Warm Up: 4:00 – 5:00 pm           

Sunday    Session 8 - 11 & Under       Warm Up: 9:00 – 10:00 am                         

                 Session 9 -  15 & Over       Warm Up: 12:00 – 1:00 pm         

                Session 10 - 12 to 14            Warm Up: 4:00 – 5:00 pm     

Please note that some of the warm up times (highlighted) have changed.



LAC will be hosting a Summer Skills Camp at Gibbons Pool this summer. This camp is for Age Group and Development swimmers. Current group placement will determine the swimmers’ group for the camp. The cost of the camp is $75 per week. Sign up is available on the LAC website under the "Events" tab, please click on "Job Signup" to reserve your spot. Email Donna at [email protected] if you have any questions.



The MacGregor's Meat Fundraiser deadline to submit orders is Sunday May 22 and order pick-up will be Saturday May 28 at 9am in the Banting parking lot. Please remember your seller order form to summarize total orders and money raised must be submitted to [email protected] by Sunday May 22 and all money collected for orders must be e-transferred to [email protected]  - please be sure to include your 'swim family name' and the word 'meat fundraiser' in the comment section of your etransfer. 

The following products have been discontinued: #14702 top sirloin steak 6 pc for $39.00 and #77182 stuffed breaded chicken cutlet 12 pcs for $37. There have no substitutes at this time.

Any questions should be emailed to Nicole Chambers at [email protected]

Swim-a-thon will be taking place on Saturday June 25 at the Thames Park Pool.



All LAC swimmers are expected to follow facility regulations in both City of London facilities as well as in facilities in other jurisdictions. Our training and competition protocols and our vaccination policy are based on the latest guidelines from the Middlesex London Health Unit (MLHU), City of London Aquatic Services, Province of Ontario (Reference) and Swim Ontario.  The LAC Board of Directors keeps regular tabs on local health unit directives in this regard, and is making decisions that continue to safeguard our swimmers and families and coaches while still providing optimal training and competition opportunities. Please remain patient as we work cautiously and reasonably through the final weeks (hopefully) of the pandemic



If you have any questions about your swimmer statement please email Donna at [email protected]



Next Meets:

LAC – Hollandia Spring Invitational – May 12 to 15 – CGAC

LAC – Blooming Talent - Development Time Trial – May 12 Evening – CGAC

LAC – Dr. Paul Hauch Invitational – July 9 to 10 – Thames Pool

LAC – Just Can’t Stop – Senior SC Time Trial – July 16 to 17 - CGAC

Our next meet is 2 days away!  To help at any meet or to receive a session credit for a clinic, taken the first time, then you need a filled out Swimming Canada Officials account.  If you need new accounts set up then send me the Name, Age, Gender and Email address for everyone who wants to help.   

Help Needed!  Hollandia and Dev TT Minor Officials: Job sign-ups are posted and there are a total of 20 openings.  If you thought you missed the opportunity, please take another look!  Sign-ups close at midnight on Tuesday and at the time of this writing, the Time Trial has one Strokes & Turns Opening and Hollandia has 6 Awards, 4 Strokes & Turns, and 9 Timer Spots available.  This is a problem.  We need these spots filled to run those sessions properly.  We could use your help!  When signing up, 1 name per line please and include the name of the person doing THAT job.   

Anyone with a completed account can be a Timer or a Heat Marshal. Everything else requires a clinic, including Safety Marshal.  As long as you will have the required clinic before the meet then you can sign up for the position. 

Hollandia and Dev TT Senior Officials: First off, thank you to every one who has stepped up to be a senior official!  I still have 3 openings for Assistant Chief Timers, 1 in each of the Time Trial and the Friday morning and afternoon Hollandia sessions.  Email me if interested.

About The Meets:  Please arrive early, especially the Safety Marshals.  Check-in in the Officials Room and please be in there for the official’s briefing 30 minutes before the first race. 

Before the Friday evening session there will be a ceremony in what is usually our officials room and maybe, for a short time, in the hallway under the upper spectator seating starting at 4:30 PM.  Drop your swimmer off for 5:00 PM warm-up and come in.  The hallway ceremony will probably be over by then but, if not, then you may need to come in the south doors to check-in, in the hallway down near the washrooms.  We may even need to do the briefing there or outside if the meeting room is occupied!  We will have to think, and maybe meet, on our feet!

Meet Dress Code For Officials: Timers and Chief Timers – White shirts, everyone else – Red shirts.  Everyone, black pants or dark shorts and clean shoes that can get wet and will not slip.

For More Meet Information: Look for the Hollandia and Time Trial Meet page arriving LATE tomorrow on the LAC website.  See the LAC Hosted Meets tab.  

Official Clinics: Thank you to all of the attendees!  That is it for live clinics this season.  There are still the online clinics for anyone with an official account.


If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings, L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at [email protected]  Note: This is volunteer work for me, so I may not get back to you immediately but, if urgent, I can handle a reminder.



The club has a long-standing policy regarding volunteer participation in our hosted swim meets, which includes the "earning" of mandatory session credits through working at our hosted swim meets.  The session credit policy can be found on the LAC website under the "parent info" tab under "LAC policy #2 - Club Hosted Meets and Session Credits". With some of our hosted racing events being cancelled, our Board of Directors has reviewed the Session Credit Policy and unanimously approved a revision to the policy for the rest of the 2021-22 year as follows:

Families of swimmers in Age Group and Senior are required to earn 16 session credits.

Families of returning Development swimmers are required to earn 8 session credits.

New families are not required to earn session credits but can transfer up to 5 session credits if they should decide to volunteer (which of course is encouraged and applauded)!

Families with swimmers that have transferred from another team are considered returning swimmers and are subject to the session credit policy.

Any unworked session credits will be billed to your swimmer account at $40 per session.

The Session Credit Policy is under the constant scrutiny of the Board of Directors.



Please remember that all individual swim practice equipment purchases you make on the All Tides website using our LAC coupon code result in a kickback to the club, received at the end of the year. Last year the club received almost $1000 through this arrangement, most of which was put toward the purchase of dryland training equipment. You are helping the club by making your swim equipment purchases through All Tides. All group swim equipment information can be found on our website when you are logged in: