Fri Dec 3  NO Dryland

Sat Dec 4 NO Age Group Gold & Silver due to Brantford Meet

Sat Dec 4 NO Dryland

Sat Dec 4 6:00 – 7:00 am CGAC Age Group Blue/Bronze not attending Brantford

Sat Dec 4 7:00 – 8:00 am CGAC Age Group Orange and Para Swimming


There will be a Dec 27 – Jan 2 schedule posted on the LAC website under the “schedule” tab shortly.

Please check the "SCHEDULES" tab on the website for the practice schedule. If you have any questions about the practice schedule, please direct them to your swimmer's primary group coach. 



CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on some great results at our Nothers swim meet. There were plenty of personal bests established in every session, from our youngest to our oldest swimmers, and there were many first time qualifiers.

Congratulations to first-time WOSA Championship qualifiers:  Sophie Buckman, Lily Lu, Rowan Wick, Luke Ybarra, Menglan Yong, and Benjamin Vanderveen

Congratulations to first-time Provincial Championship qualifiers: Arthur Pinto (Festival), Pedro Salvaggio (Festival and OYJC), and Evan Thomas (OYJC).

Congratulations to first-time Eastern Canadian Championship qualifiers:  Jacqueline Chambers, Ahmed El Tatawy, Baris Kartoglu, Connor Labranche, Alex Lobo, Connor Maloney, Ewan Shearer, and Kyle Stuckless.

Congratulations also to first-time All Time Top 10 Performers Heidi Bartoch and Ahmed El Tatawy.

There are more racing opportunities for everyone on the very near horizon in December, before we take a small break to re-charge and re-focus. Two of these opportunities will be "away from home", this coming weekend in Brantford and the following weekend for 5 of our swimmers racing at the Ontario Junior International in Toronto. This means you have to take all your great competition habits on the road with you: 

1)arrive on time - find your coach and say: "Hi Coach, I'm here!"

2)do a good warm-up, including some dryland activation, and do a good warm-down if your coach tells you to

3)when not swimming: stay dry (bring a nice BIG towel), stay warm (wearing your LAC spiritwear), and stay fuelled (bring your full water bottle and small carbohydrate-rich snacks) - keep the gas tank on "F" for FAST!  Sit with your team. Keep the team area clean - use the garbage cans!

4)focus only on your next race - you can only swim one race at a time - no looking back or looking too far ahead!

5)your coach is your only source of pre and post-race advice. The last person you talk to before your race = your coach. The first person you talk to after your race = your coach.



Thank you to our awesome meet management team for all their work in giving our swimmers such a great opportunity to race. And to all the parents who volunteered!



If you have any questions about your swimmer statement please email Donna at [email protected]



Nothers Return To Racing – Fantastic Job!

Congratulations LAC Officials on an excellent show this past weekend!  Return To Racing? What?  It was like there had been no break at all!  Total professionalism!  I am proud of you all!  And here is another thing.  This year’s crowd seems to have an air of enthusiasm unlike any I have experienced in my previous 10 seasons.  Perhaps the wait has made people hungry but the positive attitude and the people jumping in to help was, well, delightful!  Thanks so much!  I sure hope it can continue as the newness wears off!

Nothers Return To Racing – How about our Meet Managers?

I have to make a special mention of Pam Cullen and Brad Sales.  I have NEVER seen so much work, rework, and pure effort go into a meet.  It was really 4 meets, 4 sanctions times many plan changes, changing RTR frameworks, changing safety requirements.  This was VERY unusual and a heck of a learning experience for them.  They definitely rose to the challenge . . . and for that matter so did Nicole Parent from Swim Ontario who supported them though many iterations of the process and lots of questions.  Thanks Nicole! 

Nothers Return To Racing – Old Friends back in the building!

Nice to see some other officials, with no swimmers, back with us, Dennis, Rose, Greg, Paul, and Sheri!  Nice to see some others joining that club too, Steve and Neb! 

Nothers Return To Racing – People trying new jobs and asking for sign-offs!

Brand new officials!  People who took that clinic a few years back, but had never used it, gamefully taking the assignments.  People assisting a qualified person one session and then doing the job the next!  People who have barely learned a job becoming mentors for the next person!  People asking for and receiving sign-offs!  I love it all! 

Nothers Return To Racing - Thank you Specialty Crews!

Safety Coordinators, Minor Officials Coordinators, Canteen and Set Up/Tear Down Crews.  Thank you all!  None of this happens without you too!

Special Thanks To: Rose Bloch-Hansen my co-COC/COA and behind the scenes administrative saviour, without whom I would have quite literally lost my mind by now!      

LAC - Holiday Time Trial: is coming up on Dec 19 so watch for minor official sign-ups and email me if you want a senior official job. 

Clinics: More are on the way, I promise.  Only so much of me to go around, but I have some people offering to teach as well!

If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings, L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at [email protected]  Note: This is volunteer work for me, so I may not get back to you immediately but, if urgent, I can handle a reminder.

From our Hospitality Co-Ordinator Lisa Levy: Thank you to the Sherwood Forest Tim Hortons and the Stoyanovich family for donating coffee this past weekend.



With us seemingly back to almost-normal with sanctioned swim meets, as more clubs and more swimmers come to our hosted meets, the need for more volunteer officials will be even greater. The club has a long-standing policy regarding volunteer participation in our hosted swim meets, which includes the "earning" of mandatory session credits through working at our hosted swim meets.  The session credit policy can be found on the LAC website under the "parent info" tab under "LAC policy #2 - Club Hosted Meets and Session Credits".

Families of swimmers in Age Group and Senior are required to earn 22 session credits each year.

Families of returning Development swimmers are required to earn 11 session credits.

New families are not required to earn session credits but can transfer up to 5 session credits if they should decide to volunteer (which of course is encouraged and applauded)!

Families with swimmers that have transferred from another team are considered returning swimmers and are subject to the session credit policy.

Any unworked session credits will be billed to your swimmer account at $40 per session.



Please remember that all individual swim practice equipment purchases you make on the All Tides website using our LAC coupon code result in a kickback to the club, received at the end of the year. Last year the club received almost $1000 through this arrangement, most of which was put toward the purchase of dryland training equipment. You are helping the club by making your swim equipment purchases through AllTides. All group swim equipment information can be found on our website when you are logged in: