Please check the "SCHEDULES" tab on the website for the practice schedule. If you have any questions about the practice schedule, please direct them to your swimmer's primary group coach. 

Also in the "SCHEDULES" tab is a preliminary competition calendar for the year. Our next time trial on Saturday Nov 6 is for Age Group Blue & Age Group Bronze (Session 1 combined), Age Group Orange (Session 2) and SrGold and SrSilver (Session 3 combined). 



Last week we talked about the "bank" metaphor regarding training and competition. Remember? Deposits and withdrawals and the appropriate time for each? Here's another way to look at it - the "SPRING" metaphor! Imagine you're sitting on the end of a metal spring coil and, at the start of the year, the coil has no tension, it's wobbly and tippy and un-balanced and you're flopping around in the breeze. With every good practice you do, day after day, week after week, you're gradually compressing the spring down, lower and lower, firmer and firmer, tighter and tighter.  At the end of every practice and every week you engage the safety latch to keep the spring coiled, a little bit lower with each passing week. You get off the coiled spring at the end of the week and focus on your RECOVERY. And you don't let the safety latch go. RECOVERY work...what you're doing away from the pool, your nutrition, your hydration, your sleep, your extra stretching while watching TV.  Then, at the appropriate time, when your coach decides it's time to let the latch go, after you've done weeks and weeks of good training and pushed the coiled spring down lower and lower, deeper and deeper...BOOM! The coiled spring releases at your big meet and shoots you to the MOON!!!   BUT, if your training attendance and effort and consistency are just so-so, the spring doesn't get loaded very much. If you don't take care of your recovery work, the safety latch releases a little bit each week and you lose some of the coiled tension. If you back off a little bit for every single competition, maybe miss a practice or two, or don't try quite as hard on the main set, the spring releases a little bit.

Keep pushing down the spring - 1 centimeter per practice - heck, even 1 millimeter per practice is something! Away from the pool, live like an Olympian! Eat right, drink plenty, and get 60 hours of sleep each week. You'll be "spring-loaded" - then, when we release the safety latch - KAPOW!!! There you go, shooting toward the stars!



We will be hosting a virtual awards ceremony on Wednesday November 3 from 7:30-8:30pm. Please set aside this time to join us on Zoom to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of our swimmers in the crazy 2020-21 year. More details to follow.



Thank you for your support of LAC through this fundraising campaign. We are bursting at the seams with swimmers! This means we'll need more pool time (when it becomes available) and more coaches. This will only happen if we remain financially healthy - fundraising has assumed a greater importance in this regard since we cannot yet host our "normal" invitational swim meets, which have been our primary revenue generators in the past (outside of member fees). Once again we are undertaking our meat fundraiser – the two campaigns we ran last year proved very successful from a fundraising standpoint, and the quality of the product has received very high praise! 

Sell boxes of frozen meat and seafood to your friends, neighbours, co-workers and family…and best of all, stock your own freezer! For each box of meat sold by a family, 50% of the profit goes to LAC, the other 50% can be applied as a credit towards reducing swim fees (please note, money raised cannot be redeemed in cash, only as a credit towards swimmer accounts). We sold over 1000 boxes of meet last year, netting the club close to $8000 and also helping offset membership fees. 

ALL forms must be submitted to Nicole [email protected] and money etransferred to [email protected]  by Sunday Nov 14. Delivery will be Saturday Nov 20 in the Banting High School parking lot. All families will be responsible for delivering their meat orders to their customers. We are hoping that every family can sell a minimum of 10 boxes of meat to help make this yet another great success.



Once again this season bathing caps will be charged to your swimmer statements, the caps are available from your swimmer's coach and they are $12 each. There is a pool time recovery charge of $20 for each time trial again this season, the charge will be billed to your monthly swimmer statement.  If you have any questions about your statement please email Donna at [email protected]



Our first spiritwear order will be arriving soon.  The All Tides on-line store is again open for the 2nd time, until Oct 31, for LAC families to place orders for bathing suits, backpacks and other LAC spiritwear. All LAC swimmers are required to wear LAC spiritwear in competition. THIS WILL BE THE LAST CHANCE TO ORDER LAC SPIRITWEAR BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

To access the online store, you must create a user account on this webpage: http://www.aquamteamstore.com/login.aspx

To create an account, you must provide the swimmer’s first and last name.

The Club access code is: LAC

Some of the items include personalization. This means you will get the name of the swimmer embroidered to the article of clothing.

In the box "Personalization" please write down in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS what you want for embroidery (first name, last name, full name or nickname).

Payment via Paypal. Your account will get charged at the time of placing the order.

All the orders will be delivered to the club. Once the orders have arrived, you will be notified by the club via email. There are no exchanges or refunds

If you have any questions regarding All Tides orders or product concerns, please contact the following email address [email protected]


Please remember that any individual swim equipment purchases you make on the AllTides website using our LAC coupon code result in a kickback to the club, received at the end of the year. Last year the club received almost $1000 through this arrangement, most of which was put toward the purchase of dryland training equipment. You are helping the club by making your swim equipment purchases through AllTides. All group swim equipment information can be found on our website when you are logged in:  https://www.teamunify.com/team/canlac/page/swimmer-equipment




I have 2 classroom Judge of Strokes and Turns Clinics scheduled.  Sorry for the short notice on the first one and also that they are both Friday evenings.  Availability of large rooms is very limited.

Friday, October 29 – 6:00 to 9:00 PM – GCAC – Entry level meeting room

Friday November 12 – 6:00 to 9:00 PM – GCAC – Entry level meeting room

Building entry rules in effect.  Room limit: 30 plus instructor.  Students must have a Swim Canada Official account with the consents completed to attend.  If you do not have an account, please email me to get one [email protected].  You do not need to have an account to sign-up but you do need one, with the consents completed, to attend. To sign up for the clinic, log in to the LAC website, go to the team Home Page and scroll down.  There is a sign-up for each date right on the main page under Upcoming Events.

What about the Timer clinic?

The Introduction to Swimming Officiating Clinic is the Timer Clinic.  If you have an official account then you can take this and a few other clinics online. Please see prior Newsletters for the Link . . . okay here it is again: https://edu.swimming.ca/index.php?page=225  The username and password are the same as for your official account.  For those who would prefer, I will try to have a classroom Intro clinic soon.  Zoom clinics will be coming too. 

What kinds of officials are there?  What will I have to do? 

There are 12 different positions that you can learn about and help with.  Some, like Timers (up to 16) and Judges of Strokes and Turns (up to 20) we need a LOT more of, and others like Starter (1) and Referee (1), we need fewer of per pool per session.   

For a brief overview of these positions, sign into the LAC web site and hover your cursor over the Officials tab at the top of the LAC Home Page.  There is a lot of other useful information here too (like how to register as an official) but the last selection takes you to a page with a brief description of each official’s job.  I will be running clinics for each of these, probably multiple times, but to start I need to have an abundance of Timers and Judges of Strokes and Turns.

I was never a competitive swimmer.  How can I Judge Strokes and Turns?  

It is MUCH easier than you may think.  There are surprisingly few rules for each stroke.  As someone associated with a competitive swimmer these are things you should want to know anyway.  In the clinic there are videos.  They are publically available to watch on both the Swim Canada and the Swim Ontario websites.  Take a look and get an idea of what this is about.  If you are new, I can pair you with a mentor for your first time on deck.  Here is a link to the videos.  https://www.swimming.ca/en/resources/officiating/officiating-videos/  Take a look, sign up for one of the clinics, and give it a try. 

Nov 6 Time Trial:  

Please contact Donna at [email protected] to volunteer to help at the meet.  To actually walk out on the deck you are required to register as an official and have the 3 consent forms completed.

If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings, L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at [email protected]