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#SwimAgain Challenge - Congratulations Winners!

Zachary Haw

Dear L&A OSC Families,

This year, Swimming Canada has launched a getting back again challenge called #SwimAgainChallenge. Every week, our swimmers in the competitive group do a variety of sets like timed 200 kick, 300 pull, etc. Coaches submit the results of this challenge to Swimming Canada and Swimming Canada ranks the results nationally. In addition to this, swimmers in various age specific age category (week 1: 15-17 yrs, week 2: 13-14 yrs, week 3: 11-12 yrs, week 4: 10 yrs and under) are given a chance to get an award per week based on a random draw. 

So far, LOSC has two awardees of the #SwimAgain Challenge. 

Week 1: Hugh McNeill

Week 3: Alex Velicico 

Congratulations and Please see this website for more details:

Thank you

L&A OSC Staff