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LOSC Reminder Mask Use and Social Distancing

Langley & Abbotsford Olympians Swim Club

Dear LOSC Families, 

We are writing to remind all families and swimmers pertaining to the proper wear of masks and 3 metres social distancing. Please read the below email as it goes over in detail the context of the situation that we are currently facing.

On Wednesday January 20, 2021 a TOL bylaw officer came by our practice, observed, and took some pictures. The bylaw officer mentioned that there were instances that social distancing was not maintained and showed us some pictures.

After swimming at Al Anderson Pool during the summer and the Aldergrove Pool this fall, the LOSC coaches feel that swimmers have done a good job following all of the PHO & TOL rules and regulations. As our membership is primarily composed of school aged children under the 18 years, there is an adjustment from what they are used to in school and in some instances would require reminders by us as coaches and by the lifeguards on deck.

The situation that we are facing is as follows:

  1. We understand that children that attend may attend school for approximately 6 hours and are in no requirement of wearing of masks and social distancing. This, however, changes for an hour or so for our swimmers when they attend swim club practices.
  2. The TOL have added some rules that are in addition to the current Public Health Order. Some rules that apply to the TOL are TOL specific and we are expected to abide by these.
  3. Even more, since moving to Walnut Grove Pool there has been a heightened scrutiny from TOL managers towards LOSC swimmers and staff.  We feel the same scrutiny is not applied to public and lap swimmers as it is towards swim club members.
  4. The bylaw officer has informed us that failure to adhere to public health orders will result in our contract being revoked and therefore we cannot swim as a club as there is no other option to swim elsewhere.

The positive fact is that as of today, there have not been any outbreaks at our swim club and other swim clubs, and we feel very fortunate. We feel we have followed the rules in the best interest of our membership to be safe.

Therefore, we would like to remind all families to please remind your child/ren regarding 3 metre social distance and mask use and observe these when attending practice. We expect all families and members to understand these and make every attempt to follow through.

Thank you

LOSC Staff