"Learn to Swim the Olympian Way!"

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The Langley & Abbotsford Olympians Swim Club offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Langley & Abbotsford Olympians Swim Club to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities. 

Please call us at Langley: 604-532- 5257 Abbotsford: 604-825-1856 or Click Here to send us an email for more information.

Mini Olympians
Programs Offered at: Walnut Grove Pool & Mastqui Rec Pool
4- 8 years of age

The Mini Olympians program is designated to introduce swimming to children age 8 yrs and under. New participants are children who love the water, eager to learn, and would like to be introduced to the sport of swimming.

Min requirements: comfortable in deep water & propel themselves on their front and back for 15 metres.

Focus will be on water comfort and learning to swim across 15-25 metres with confidence. Focus will be placed on acquiring skills like kicking, proper body position, and breathing to swim the two competitive strokes freestyle and backstroke. The program will also teach children sport skills such as listening to instructions, sportsmanship, & perseverance through hard work. Each child progresses through the program of stroke instruction, correction, and evaluation at his/her own rate.  The practice schedule permits participants to continue with other community, school, and home activities. 

Children who successfully complete this can move up to Olympic Way. 

Olympic Way
rograms Offered at: Walnut Grove Pool, W.C. Blair Pool, & Mastqui Rec Pool
5 -10 years of age

Program: Beginner level where your child will learn to swim confidently and with efficient technical skills. All four competitive strokes are introduced and developed including competitive starts and turns. Swimmers 10 & under joining the Olympic Way program must be able to swim 25 metres and be confident in deep water. Novice Swim Meets are also encouraged.

Goal: Learn the basics of swimming, stroke, turn and start skills. Introduction to swim meets. Progression is in to Regional Group for 10 & under swimmers once they achieve the appropriate skill level. Once swimmers turn 11, they move into Age Group Development.

Regional Group 
Programs Offered at: Walnut Grove Pool 

This group is intended to have continued emphasis on stroke development for all events.  Swimmers will also be taught proper training techniques for aerobic and anaerobic work, as well as a dryland and flexibility program.  Swim meet and practice attendance is required. This particular group is a transition from Olympic Way Group to Provincial Group.  Dryland and flexibility training are also introduced.

Stroke Improvement and Conditioning
Programs Offered at: Walnut Grove Pool, W.C. Blair Pool, & Mastqui Rec Pool
11 - 18 years of age

Program: Swimmers will seek to attain the highest degree of technique for this level. Swimmers need to have a good understanding of the skill levels of all 4 competitive strokes, starts and turns.

Goal: Achieve the LMR Regional qualifying time of under 4:00 in 200 IM. Working towards and achieving Swim BC Divisional time standard. Develop stroke, turn and start skills. Attend LMR and Invitational meets. Learn to train and know the skill requirements for Provincial Group.

Age Group Performance

Program Offered at: Walnut Grove Pool

Program: This group is for swimmers who want to compete but cannot commit to the full schedule of Provincial and National Groups. Swimmers will be efficient in all 4 competitive strokes and must be willing to compete at all meets they qualify for. Swimmers in this group are working towards their Swim BC Divisional & Provincial time standard. 

Goal: To compete at all meets a swimmer qualifies for. Improve technique, turns, starts, underwater skills and show commitment to training and competition.

Provincial Group

Program Offered at: Walnut Grove Pool

Program: Swimmers will seek to attain the highest degree of technique for this level. Swimmers will be efficient in all 4 competitive strokes. Swimmers entering this level will be showing a high level of commitment in training and competition.

Goal: To compete at Provincial level meets. To achieve Swim BC Divisional and Provincial Meets, Far Westerns, Canadian Junior Championships, and Swimming Canada Westerns Championships time standards.

National Group

Program Offered at: Walnut Grove Pool

Program: This group is aimed at the swimmer age 13+ who wishes to pursue Canadian Junior Championships, Swimming Canada Western Championships, Canadian Trials, and Canadian Swimming Championships; Provincial and Canadian Youth team representation and above. Emphasis on strengthening of all technical skills, goal setting and time management. 

Goal: Work towards proficiency in all strokes, turns and starts. Qualify for all SNC meets. Achieve finals at all Swim BC & SNC meets. Compete at all designated provincial and out of province meets you qualify for.



Program Offered at:  Walnut Grove Pool
19 years & Over

The Olympians Masters program is for swimmers 19 years and over who can swim 100m (Four lengths).  This program is great for swimmers wanting to get back into competitive swimming or for swimmers justwanting to keep fit and have fun. If you are interested in getting fit, learning new skills, or competing in masters swim meets, open water, or triathlons this is the program for you!