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Registration 2020 - 2021

Open for Returning Members

7/31/20 - 7/30/21

Open for New Members

7/31/20 - 7/30/21


Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the Langley & Abbotsford Olympians Swim Club 2020 - 2021 Registration. We are pleased to be using our Electronic Registration and Electronic Payment Processing System. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You will now be able to pay by credit card or direct payment. 

We would like to thank all families registering during this New Normal. As most of you may know, Sport Organizations have set up a Return to Sport document outlining various policies and procedures specifically pertaining to COVID-19. These include social distancing, protocols when ill, and procedures pertaining to lane arrangements. While these may be more than usual, we ask for member's full cooperation on the matter so we can continue to operate in a safe and responsible manner. 

We require all members, new and returning, to review and agree to the COVID-19 Return to Sport Document and Waiver, Club Waiver, Team Manual, Parent Code of Conduct, Swimmer Code of Conduct and Swim Meet Code of Conduct.

Payment Information 

Click Here to view the 2020 - 2021 Payment Schedule for June & July. 

If a family has more than 3 swimmers in LOSC or AOSC, they will receive a 10% discount. This only applies to the monthly fees.

Group & Club Information

For swimmers in Mini Olympians,Olympic Way and Stroke Improvment and Conditioning - Membership Dues will include the Sport BC Insurance, L&A OSC Family Membership fee. This will be charged upon completion of the Registration. The Fundraising Fee will be charged the Monday after the swim challenge closest to your month of joining.  The Swim Challenge is an opportunity for L&A OSC members to raise money to offset their swimming fees.

If you are signing up for Mini Olympians, Olympic Way or Stroke Improvement and Conditioning, please indicate the pool, days and times you wish to attend.

For swimmers in Regional Group, Age Group Performance, Provincial Group, and National Group  - Membership Dues will consist of the Swim BC Membership fee and the L&A OSC Family Membership fee. This will be charged upon completion of the Registration. The fundraising amounts will be charged separately for the higher competitive groups to make things more manageable for the families. Swimmers in the higher groups will also have the opportunity to fundraise the full amount of their Membership Dues & Fundraising.

For Regional, Age Group Performance, Provincial and National groups (current members only), please select the correct age category.

Click Here for The Langley Olympians Swim Club FAQ's
Click Here for The Abbotsford Olympians Swim Club FAQ's


LOSC 2020 - 2021 Important Registration Info

At this time the Langley Olympians Swim Club will be swimming at the Walnut Grove pool starting Monday January 11th.  We will not be swimming at the WC Blair Pool at this time due to not enough interest.

Our training schedule has changed and is located at the bottom of this page, please review before you registering.  When registering please indicate the days and times you would like your swimmers to swim. 

If you are unable to attend swimming at the Walnut Grove pool please feel free to contact us and we can add you to our email list and will contact you when we will be returning to the WC Blair Pool.




In the case of another Covid-19 shutdown and if the swimming pool happens to close we will do our best to offer programing through Zoom and or in person dryland.  If swimming is discontinued part way through the month, there will be no refund of monthly fees.  Fees for the remaining months will not be charged.

LOSC 2020 - 2021 Start Dates


WC Blair:   Re-opening Delayed 

Walnut Grove Pool: Monday January 11 2021

Groups Offered 

  • National Group 13 - 18 years 
  • Age Group Performance 13 - 18 years 
  • Provincial Group 10 - 14 years 
  • Regional Group 10 years and Under
  • Stroke Improvement & Conditioning Group 11 - 18 years (1-4 Times a Week): Min Requirements: Be comfortable in deep water and be able to swim 1 length (25m) on front or back.
  • Olympic Way Groups 5 - 10 years (1-3 Times a Week): Min Requirements: Be comfortable in deep water and be able to swim 1 length (25m) on front or back. 
  • Mini Olympians Groups 4 - 8 years (1-3 Times a Week): Min Requirements:  Be comfortable in deep water and be able to swim roughly 15m on front or back.

AOSC 2020-2021 Start Dates

Matsqui Pool: Wednesday September 9th 

  • Stroke Improvement and Conditioning 11 - 18 years (1-2 times a week) Thursdays 5:15pm - 6:30pm:  Min Requirements: Be comfortable in deep water and be able to swim 1 length (25m) on front or back. 
  • Olympic Way 5 - 10 years (1 Times a Week)  Thursdays 4:00pm - 5:00pm: Min Requirements: Be comfortable in deep water and be able to swim 1 length (25m) on front or back
  • Mini Olympians 4 - 8 years (1 Times a Week) Thursdays 4:00pm - 4:45pm:  Min Requirements:  Be comfortable in deep water, be able to float on front or back and be able to some what tread water.

Training Schedule - Training Schedule May Change & Will Depend on Pool Space Avaliable 

Click this LINK for Training Schedule - September - June

Day Avalaible for June 2021 - As of June 9 2021

MIni Olympians
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 3:15pm - 4:00pm

Friday 6:00pm - 6:45pm 

Olympic Way
Friday 3:15pm - 4:15pm 

Friday 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Stroke Improvement & Conditioning 
Currently Full - Please contact to be adding to waitlist.  More space will be available for July Swimming.


July Swimming

Click Here for July Swimming Training Schedule 

July Payment Strucutre 


Disclaimer: Due to the most recent Provincial Health Order on Gatherings and Events, the maximum number of participants allowed inside the pool is 50, inclusive of coaches and swimmers. If you are corresponding with the office pertaining to a schedule addition or modification, you will need to await a confirmation email from the office that your child is allowed to swim. 

All communication with the office will be dealt based on urgency of all matters received. We strive to get back to all families in within three (3) business days, within our office hours. Please reference below regarding our office hours. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your child will NOT be permitted to swim on that day and time slot. 

Thank you for your advanced cooperation on the matter.

Office Hours:

- Monday Wednesday and Friday 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon. Cutoff time for any requests will be 11:30 AM. 

- Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM. Cutoff time for any requests will be 2:30 PM. 

- Closed during statutory holidays


We look forward to having you join the Langley & Abbotsford Olympians Swim Club and are excited for another great season!