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COVID-19 Update: Please see this news post regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on LSC programs.

February 3 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We’re approaching halfway through the 2019-2020 season and it has been busy!  Please see below for a series of updates and information briefs about recent events and what’s coming in the next few weeks outside the pool (on-deck updates are coming from coaches soon).

This newsletter will soon be accessible on the Parents’ Portal page of our website here.

Have a great week!

LSC Board of Directors


Swim-a-Thon Save the Date
Save the date for our annual Swim-a-thon March 28, 2020, 6:30pm - 8:30pm at the University of Toronto.  Complete registration details will be released in the next week. Special thanks to Idalia De Faria for organizing this event once again.

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Marilyn Bell In the News
LSC Alumna Marilyn Bell’s outstanding accomplishments will be recognized internationally once again, as she is to be inducted at the International Swimming Hall of Fame. A representative from LSC will be present to congratulate her at the event.  (

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Olympic Paralympic Trials
LSC will be arranging group tickets for some of the events for the Olympic and Paralympic trails. Stay tuned for details later this week.

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Membership Updates
LSC welcomes the following new swimmers to the club:

  • Finley Cook (Comp 3)
  • Daniel Gromadskyy (Comp 3)
  • Hannah Liss (Comp 3)
  • Logan Schleimer (Comp 3)
  • Adam Smith (Comp 3)

The following swimmers have left their current groups and have moved to new groups:

  • Mya Chomentowski (Comp 1)
  • Vanessa Field (Lakeshore Performance)
  • Megan Toki (Comp 2)

The following swimmers have left LSC. We wish them success and happiness in their future endeavours:

  • Madeleine Booth 
  • Sebastian Dell Unto
  • Ian Haider
  • Chelsea Moore
  • Thea Sinjari

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Photo Gallery
All of LSC’s photos are posted on our photo gallery. To find it, login to our website, and choose Home > Photo Gallery (or just click here: Special thanks to our photographers Dawn & Tamir for these fantastic photos.

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YouTube Channel
LSC has launched a YouTube channel which will host videos about the club, its work and its members’ achievements. Subscribe now and stay tuned for updates:  Thanks to Ted Endean for putting this together.

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Concussion Training
There is an excellent concussion awareness training program available online, with a course designed for parents, one for coaches, one for athletes, one for medical professionals, and more. The parent course takes approximately 45 minutes and is an excellent resource for parents. Have a look here:

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Finance Update
Accounts and payments: Just a reminder that your account has recently been updated to include swim meet fees from September to January. On a go forward basis, these will be added shortly after each meet. Each month on the first of the month, an updated statement of amount owing is released with the expectation that accounts are cleared by the end of the month. If you have questions regarding your account contact Lee at [email protected]>

— Lee Fairclough

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New Registrar
We have a new club registrar at LSC. Dragan Zuvela has taken on this essential role and is responsible for maintaining our club roster, our swimmer registration with Swimming Canada, and our official club registration. Thank you Dragan!  To contact our registrar, email [email protected]

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New Club Officials Chair (COC)
Tony Field steps into the role of Club Officials Chair. This role coordinates officials development for the club, ensures that clinics are offered and conducted, and mentors officials in their progression “up the ladder”.  If you have questions about your progression, please email [email protected].

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Sponsorship and Fundraising Committee Updates

Happy New Year. 

In the past year LSC has seen a tremendous growth as an organization and our swim program has experienced great success so far this season. Our swimmers' success in the pool has improved Lakeshore Swim Club’s brand image and there is an increased awareness of our existence in and around the swim community. 

In the coming weeks we will be rolling out our sponsorship packages for the 2020 swim season, our 90th anniversary year. We are hoping to ride this positive wave of success and attract sponsors looking to expand their brand awareness by associating themselves with Lakeshore Swim Club. 

By offering exciting sponsor packages and partnerships we hope engage premium partners that will help expand opportunities and experiences for the swimmers in our club, as well as for visiting clubs during our club hosted swim meets and events. 

Word of mouth marketing is huge among athletes and parents, whether through locker room chats on new products, parental bleacher talks or athletes seeing what the others are wearing, using or eating.

If there are any LSC parents, with potential sponsorship interest, corporate contacts or association with possible sponsorship candidates we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] or to [email protected] with all your tips and referrals. We have a variety of exciting sponsorship packages and individual event sponsorships available.

“Life is cool in the pool”

— Gitte Frederiksen, Lakeshore Swim Club Board of Directors, Sponsorship and Fundraising Chair.

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Special Events Committee Update
It's been a busy year of special events for Lakeshore Swim Club with more to come!  We kicked off the year with the spirited Yellow vs Blue meet followed by the team dinner.  It was great to see such team spirit and friendly competition to kick off the new season. 

In December, the team gathered for our annual holiday banquet, this year's event was a huge hit with the athletes.  They swapped out their swimsuits for dress clothes and danced the night away at the Old Mill.  

In January, we welcomed the new year in Lakeshore style with our first annual New Year's Levee.  Athletes wore their new vintage Lakeshore shirts for a team photo followed by a fun practice and snacks. 

There is more fun planned for this season, in late March we will be hosting out annual LSC swim-a-thon.  This is a great night to get the whole team together and support the club.  In late May, we will be hosting out annual year-end banquet and awards night.  This is always a special evening as swimmers, families and coaches celebrate all the hard work and achievements of the season.   Stay tuned for announcements of events to celebrate LSC's 90th Anniversary. 

We'd like to thank everyone who has volunteered or lent a hand at these events - we simply could not do all of these team activities without you.    It is this club spirit that makes LSC such a special place for our athletes to swim. 

— Liane Hunt

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Lakeshore Santa Claus Parade
This year marked LSC’s first participation in the Lakeshore Santa Claus Parade. It was a fun, well-attended event. It was a thrill to participate in a local community event and our volunteers have exciting ideas for next year. Photos are posted in our gallery.

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Bottle Drive
LSC ran a bottle drive at our New Year's Levee, and a few parents participated, providing a large number of bottles to help raise funds for the club. Thank you parents!  The next Bottle Drive will be held during the Swim-a-thon.

— Dragan Zuvela

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Burlington Barracudas’ Special Olympics Swim Meet
LSC was well-represented at the Burlington Barracudas’ Special Olympics Swim Meet.  Members Tricia Vargo (Level III) and Gitte Frederiksen (Level II) and alumni official Craig Dwyer (Level V) were on deck to help officiate the event.  Thank you for your participation and for representing LSC at these events.

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Code of Conduct & Complaint Policy
We would like to remind LSC members that we are bound by LSC’s code of conduct. A link is available under the Parent Info section of the website ( We have also published our Complaint, Discrimination, Harassment and Abuse policy in the same section of the site (

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Records Committee
LSC is looking for volunteers to take on maintaining our record board. At least half of the tiles need to be replaced, and advice on the handling of some historic records is needed. If you are interested please contact Tony at [email protected]

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Development Committee
The development committee has started meeting to monitor projects related to new pools in our neighbourhood, and to clean up the wording of our mission, vision & values. Further updates will be provided later in the season.

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Marilyn Bell Swim Classic
We are about 2.5 months away from the first whistle of our biggest meet of the year,  and planning is in high gear. Meet Manager Vlado Straka is hard at work taking inventory, planning logistics, readying our equipment, and working with committee leads to ensure the event runs smoothly. 

The meet website, with links to the official Swimming Canada site, is posted right on our home page - or link directly here (

We would like to note that this year, to avoid head-on collisions during the distance events, we have ceased running two swimmers per lane (though the event is still a double-ended “chase" meet). While this means we’ll have fewer slots for distance competitors, it is important to eliminate this unnecessary risk for our swimmers. We hope that other clubs will adopt this practice as well.

See below for more information about the event.

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Marilyn Bell Swim Classic Volunteers
Volunteer positions (beyond officiating roles) will be announced shortly. Please stay tuned as there will be some changes this time.

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Marilyn Bell Swim Classic Officials
The meet is a double-ended meet, so there are tons of opportunities to officiate. Positions will be posted during the month of February. Until then, please think about what role you might perform in order to move up the ladder with your certification.  For questions about officiating, please email Tony at [email protected].

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Officials Progress / Clinics
LSC needs a pool of properly certified officials to continue to operate as a club and host meets.  Every family is required to be registered as a Level I official, and after their first year, start progress to higher levels of certification. Now that we are mid-way through the 2019-2020 season, there are great opportunities for the development of officials.  A full update will be coming soon from our Club Officials Chair. For now, you’re urged to attend one of the clinics offered by Central Region, and for those interested, there are great officiating opportunities ahead.

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Upcoming Clinics
All clinics are posted here ( Convenient Central Region clinics are below.

  • Feb 8: Intro to Swim Officiating in Burlington
  • Feb 8: Strokes & Turns in Burlington
  • Feb 10: Clerk of Course - webinar
  • Feb 11: Recorder/Scorer - webinar
  • Feb 18: Meet Manager - webinar
  • Feb 20: Chief Finish Judge / Chief Judge Electronics - webinar
  • Feb 22: Domestic Para - Markham Pan Am Pool
  • Feb 22: Referee - Markham Pan Am Pool
  • Feb 22: Open Water Level 1 - Markham Pan Am Pool
  • Feb 29: Clerk of Course - Markham Pan Am Pool
  • Feb 29: Intro to Swim Officiating - Markham Pan Am Pool
  • Feb 29: Recorder/Scorer - Markham Pan Am Pool
  • Feb 29: Starter: Markham Pan Am Pool
  • Feb 29: CJF/CJE - Markham Pan Am Pool
  • Feb 29: Chief Timer: Markham Pan Am Pool
  • Feb 29: Strokes & Turns: Markham Pan Am Pool
  • Feb 29: Meet Manager: Markham Pan Am Pool

To sign up, click on the calendar link at the top of the list and email the contact listed in the event details.   These clinics are great opportunities to move up the ladder. Everyone in their second year should be working towards their Level II certification, with more experienced families working toward Level III and beyond.  Space is limited - sign up soon if you are interested.

More information about officials progression will be available soon. If you have questions about your progression, clinics and certification especially if you are totally lost, email Tony at [email protected].

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Officials Needed

That’s it for our mid-winter update. Stay tuned for periodic announcements and upates via email and the website throughout the season. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call LSC at (647) 812-1700 or ask a question online

— Tony Field, President


August 31 2019 Newsletter

Correction No. 1: Please note that the dates for Marilyn Bell Swim Classic in the email on August 31st were incorrect. The corrected dates are listed below. Apologies for the error.

Dear Lakeshore Swim Club families,

It’s here - Labour Day Weekend - the official end to summer festivities. I hope everyone has had a great time, and that you have a fun weekend ahead of you.

We are just a few days from the official start of Lakeshore Swim Club’s 90th season, and we would like to bring a few things to your attention and answer some questions that have come up recently. Your Coaches and the Board of Directors have been hard at work preparing for a fantastic season, and are proud to announce a number of exciting enhancements on on-deck, administrative, and logistical fronts.

Please see below for full details. There is a lot of information here - apologies in advance for the length. This email will be posted on the Parent Info page of our website immediately for future reference. 

Welcome New & Returning Members

On behalf of the Coaches and Board of Directors, we would like to welcome our new families to the competitive program at Lakeshore Swim Club, and welcome back our returning families. LSC consists of 95 families, 5 coaches, and a few support staff. This year we are starting the season at 97.5% capacity for the first time in many years.  

We are thrilled to welcome 24 new members into our competitive program this season, so please be sure to introduce yourselves to one another and make our new members feel welcome and comfortable in our cherished family-oriented atmosphere at LSC.

Season Start Dates

The season officially kicks off on September 9th, with our Senior and Lakeshore Performance programs running a special reduced schedule for the first two weeks while they ramp up to their full, very busy, practice schedules.  Our C1, C2, C3 and Fundamentals programs start the week of September 16th with the full schedule right away.

Full practice schedule information is available on our website under Swimmer Info > Practice Schedules here.

Coaches Introduction and Contact Information

As Head Coach Eric had announced earlier this summer, Coaches Eric, Lachlan and Sarah are returning this season, and we will be joined by Donna Ramsbottom-Reed and Charlotte Reed.  Please join me in once again welcoming our new coaches. For full bios and handy head shots, please visit the About > Coaches section of our website here.

On-deck coaching staff:

  • Lakeshore Performance: Eric
  • Senior: Eric with Lachlan & Donna
  • Comp 1: Lachlan & Charlotte
  • Comp 2: Lachlan & Charlotte
  • Comp 3: Sarah & Donna
  • Fundamentals: Sarah & Donna

Coaches will be sending out a welcome communication to members in the next few days.


LSC is simplifying our fee payment and escrow account systems this season. A complete explanation was sent out earlier today from our treasurer. In the next few hours the first invoice will arrive.  You can always refer the Parent Info > Fees page of our website for complete details.

Practice Schedules

The practice schedules for all competitive programs are available on our website under Swimmer Info > Practice Schedule.

The Website

Our website,, is our primary resource for reference information for our members. It has been updated with the latest information and it changes frequently.

The website is powered by a swim team management platform called Team Unify, and we use it for numerous purposes, including:

  • Swim meet schedules
  • Swim meet commitments / entries
  • Practice schedules
  • Job sign-up forms for hosted meets
  • Sign up for officiating duties
  • Fee / account management and tracking
  • Special event sign-up
  • Email management

You will need to log in to view and access most features.

LSC also relies on email regularly for announcements and last-minute changes like pool closures and schedule changes, so be sure to keep your email information current in your Team Unify account.


Carpool planning can be a real challenge for swimming families. With so many new members this season, the complexity of this challenge will reach a new high. In response, LSC will be launching a carpool planning program centred around a mobile app built for this purpose. Details will be sent by email and posted on the website in the next couple of days. 

Equipment & Apparel

We have changed our apparel supplier this season and have updated some of the requirements. Complete details including required and optional equipment lists and try-on and ordering information can be found on the Parent Info > Equipment & Apparel page of our website.

Upcoming Swim Meets

Coach Eric has posted this year’s meet schedule under the Swimmer Info > Meet Schedule section on the website.

These events will also be posted to the events page and will be open soon for you to confirm your swimmer’s commitment. Although attendance is not compulsory at all swim meets, the coaches strongly recommend that swimmers attend all meets that are requested by the coach. The meet schedule includes a chart showing which groups are scheduled to attend.

It is important for swimmers to have a planned schedule of swim meets to ensure their performance and improvements are being tracked and measured. 

The coaches will indicate what the key objectives are prior to each swim meet.

LSC Hosted Meets

Lakeshore Swim Club will be hosting two major events and running one in-house time trial as follows

  • LSC Blue vs Yellow Sunday September 29th @ Etobicoke Olympium
  • Gus Ryder Memorial Cup October 25-27 @ Etobicoke Olympium
  • Marilyn Bell Swim Classic April 17-19 (UPDATED) @ Etobicoke Olympium

Reserve these dates in your calendar, as we will need all hands on deck to run successful meets.  More details regarding our hosted meets will be presented at this year’s AGM.

Officials Clinics

If you are new to officiating, you must take the Introduction to Officiating (i.e. timer & safety) clinic in order to work on deck as a timer.

Our veteran LSC parents will run a number of clinics throughout the season in order to get you ready for our first meet at the end of September.  Details will be provided soon.

Board of Directors

LSC’s board is comprised of 9 members,  who sign up for a 2-year term.  4 or 5 members are elected each year. We currently have one vacancy, and elections will be held at our upcoming AGM.  If you are considering joining our Board, please feel free to talk to any current member about what’s involved, time commitments, etc. Details on the nomination and election process will be provided soon.  Current board members are as follows:

  • Tony Field, President
  • Lee Fairclough, Treasurer
  • Glenn Wilson, Secretary
  • Gretchen Evans, Registrar
  • Ted Endean, Director
  • Liane Hunt, Director
  • Crystal Rasa, Director
  • Dragan Zuvela, Director

Contact information and further details about the LSC Board can be found on our website under About > Board of Directors

Lakeshore Swim Club AGM

The Lakeshore Swim Club Annual General Meeting is a mandatory meeting held in the early fall each season. At least one parent from each family is expected to attend. It includes a club orientation, information about volunteer commitments, details about initiatives, on-deck direction, and programs, as well as the election of our board members.

The date and location will be announced in the coming days. We look forward to seeing you there.


That’s it for now. There are a couple of other initiatives that are in the works that we hope to announce shortly - stay tuned. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and we will see you in a couple of weeks. Go LSC!

LSC Coaches & Board of Directors