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As we have done the past two winters I have been with LSC, there will be Christmas Training for the Senior swimmers. I have gone away from a "camp" format as I prioritize the rest/recovery period of the holidays that I believe will ultimately result in us being better off down the road.

The last day of training before the schedule below begins is Saturday, December 21st.

Normal training schedules for all groups resume on Monday, January 6th.


See Google Doc


Dryland TBD following meeting this week with Erika. Days currently marked as "OFF" may have dryland added to them this week. I will personally be coaching all workouts.

Dec 27th: OFF

Dec 28th: 4 - 6 PM EO

Dec 29th: 10 AM - 12 PM EO

Dec 30th: AM dryland (normal schedule)

Dec 31st: 830 - 1130 AM EO

Jan 1st: OFF

Jan 2nd: 10 - 1130 AM MEM + 6 PM dryland

Jan 3rd: OFF

Jan 4th: 4 - 6 PM EO

Jan 5th: OFF

Jan 6th: Return to normal schedule


I have scheduled two long course familiarization days for Comp 1. Outside of this I would like them to relax over the break.

Dec 28th: 4 - 6 PM EO

Jan 4th: 4 - 6 PM EO

Jan 5th: Pivot dryland

COMP 2 + 3