LAKESHORE SWIM CLUB ...established 1930, Toronto, Canada

Swimmer of the Month

Every month a swimmer from each of our competitive groups, Intro, Age, Comp, and Elite Dev/Elite is recognized for his or her achievements around the pool. We recognize that there is more involved than just performance at swim meets, and so the following criteria is used with the discretion of the coach to select the Swimmer of the Month:

  • 90% attendance minimum
  • Sportsmanship
  • Positive attitude
  • Compassion
  • Work ethic at practice
  • Team spirit
  • Leadership

On behalf of your coaches and peers, congratulations to our swimmers of the month! Keep up the great work!

This Month's Swimmer of the Month Recipients

Comp 3 - Jonathan Fazari

Comp 2 - Ben Hynes-Brown

Comp 1 - Delia Lloyd

Senior 2 / Senior 2 - Amalia McCarthy

Past and Current Swimmers of the Month

Month Comp 3 Comp 2 Comp 1 Senior 1/2
June 2018 Jonathan Fazari Ben Hynes-Brown Delia Lloyd Amalia McCarthy
May 2018 Sophie D'Aigle Edwards Alex Robinson Simon Fernandes Chelsea Moore
April 2018 Nalina McDonald Lila Fraser Stefania Staudohar Will Clarke
March 2018 Hailey Sullivan Ella De Faria Marcel Andrade Carling Clayton
February 2018 Liam Eagles-Turner Catherine Bernasiewicz Julia Teixeira Carling Clayton
January 2018 Isabella Cornell Justin Tompa Ella Rotherham Grace Simpson
December 2017 Clarice Field Samantha Cooper Sabrina Roszak Mira Sheahan
November 2017 Peyton Reid Victoria Wilson Isabella Elinesky Jessica Code
October 2017 Quinn Evans Noah Taylor Amalia McCarthy Sarah Farquhar (S2)
Claire MacLeod (S1)

Past Swimmers of the Month

Month Intro Age Comp Elite Dev / Elite
June 2017 Samantha Cooper Ella Rotherham Zoe Majic Sydney Munro
May 2017 Ben Restrepo Maggie Evans Stefania Staudohar Audrey Benac
April 2017 Lola Zuvela Cooper McKay Nadia Forgione Connor Commons
March 2017 Jack O'Neill Marcel Andrade Will Clarke Leora Avolio
February 2017 Victoria Wilson Madeleine Booth Emma Clarke Honour Brodie-Foy
December 2016 Sabrina Roszak Vanessa Field Chelsea Moore Claire MacLeod
November 2016 Noah Taylor Claire Mitchell Ella Weir Andrea Putrimas
October 2016 Avery Kalic Stefania Staudohar Calise Moldawa Grace Simpson