Overview - swim groups:

Development GROUPS

The Olympic Prospects (OP) is a technique-based program for all four competitive strokes and introduces young swimmers to the sport of swimming.  Swimmers practice one to three times per week, depending on the level attained.

Competitive groups

Our competitive groups offer a full range of programs for swimmers new to competitive swimming to swimmer competing at the national/international level.

Each program in our competitive stream is specific in design; placement is based on swimmer's abilities and age group 

SENIOR 15+ year old swimmers, 7-9 practices per week, Eastern times and up

GOLD 15+ year old swimmers, 6-7 practices per week

SILVER 13-14 year old swimmers, 6-7 practices per week

BRONZE 11-12 year old swimmers, 5-6 practices per week

TOP AGE GROUP (TAG) 12 year old and under swimmers - 4 practices per week