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Welcome to the Markham Aquatic Club Summer Swimming Registration.

This year, MAC is offering the following Summer Swimming Programs: 

  • Pre-Competitive (OP): Mini-Olympians 

  • Competitive Groups: Summer Swimming

Session A: For EXISTING 12&U MAC swimmers in Olympic Prospects OPA or OP Dev
Fee: $145/week - 1.5 hours per day (7:30am to 9:00am) Monday to Friday
Session B: For EXISTING  11&U MAC swimmers in Olympic Prospects OPB/OPC/OPD 
Fee: $100/week - 1 hour per day (9:00am to 10:00am) Monday to Friday
• Week 1 July 4-7 (30 available spots)
• Week 2 July 10-14 (30 available spots)
• Week 3 July 17-21 (30 available spots)
• Week 4 July 24-28 (30 available spots)
• Week 5 July 31-Aug 4 (30 available spots)
• Week 6 Aug 8-11 (30 available spots)

This is a great opportunity to maintain fitness and develop new skills. In Session B swimmers will learn the fundamentals of the four competitive strokes and starts and turns. In Session A, use of the pace clock and learning the basics of competitive training will be the priority. At both sessions, the focus will be on continuing to develop stroke technique featuring standard OP drills, building swimming fitness using the pace clock for interval training, enhanced technique awareness using video feedback and finally team building with relays and small learning groups.

For  EXISTING  MAC swimmers in TAG, Bronze, JAG, Bantam, Junior and Senior 
Fee: $160/week - 6:00am to 8:00am, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (no Thursdays)
Due to limited pool availability, there are reduced spots available this summer. For the competitive groups summer swimming registration is limited to 2 weeks maximum to allow as many swimmers as possible to participate. • Week 1 July 17-21 (30 available spots) • Week 4 July 24-28 (30 available spots) • Week 5 July 31-Aug 4 (30 available spots) • Week 6 Aug 8-11 (30 available spots)


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