Please make sure that you have all of the equipment required for your swimmer based on his or her swim group. Also put your child’s name on each piece of clothing and gear. Swimmers may share equipment, mix up their MAC wear, or leave things behind; having a name on it is the best way to ensure that stuff finds its way back to you.

If you have any questions please ask your group coach or email

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1 & 2
1 & 2
1 & 2
EQUIPMENT M = Mandatory   |   O = Optional
Goggles M M M M M M
Swim Cap M M M M M M
Swim Suit 1 M M M M M M
Mesh Bag M M M M M M
Kickboard M M M M M M
Fins M M M Hydro Tech 2 Hydro Tech 2 Hydro Tech 2
Pull Float M M M M M M
Hand Paddles 2       M M M
Finger Paddles         M M
Band     M M M M
Skipping Rope M M M M M M
Stretch Cord   M M M M M
Snorkel 3     M M M M
Yoga Mat M M M M M M
TEAM WEAR M = Mandatory   |   O = Optional
MAC Caps 1 x Blue, 1 x white M M M M M M
MAC T-Shirts M M M M M M
Hooded Sweatshirt/Pants O M M M M M
Track Suit O O O M M M
Parka         O O
Team Bag O O O O O O


  1. All MAC Swimmers are asked to wear blue training swim suits and MAC swim caps (or plain blue caps) to all training sessions. Friday afternoon training sessions, swimmers may wear their choice of suits and caps. The Head Coach determines if a suit or cap is appropriate.
  2. Paddle sizes will be individualized by the coaches for the swimmers.  Please ask your coach.
  3. Snorkel - regular snorkel for multi-stroke use, suggest regular (adult size) FINIS