Please make sure that you have all of the equipment required for your swimmer based on his or her swim group. Also put your child’s name on each piece of clothing and gear. Swimmers may share equipment, mix up their MAC wear, or leave things behind; having a name on it is the best way to ensure that stuff finds its way back to you.

If you have any questions please ask your group coach.

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1 & 2






EQUIPMENT M = Mandatory   |   O = Optional
Goggles M M M M M
White Swim Cap (practice) M M M M M
Swim Suit 1 M M M M M
Mesh Bag M M M M M
Kickboard M (small) M M M M
Fins M (small Speedo) M M M M (Arena)
Pull Float     M M M
Hand Paddles       M M
Tempo Trainor         M
Band     M M M
Skipping Rope     M M M
Stretch Cord     M M M
Water Bottle Pop Top M M M M M
Weight Belt         M 5/10 lbs
Snorkel M M M M M

Yoga Mat

      M M
Parachute         M
TEAM WEAR M = Mandatory   |   O = Optional
MAC Caps 1 x Blue, 1 x white 2 M M M M M
MAC T-Shirts  (avail. Grey & Black) M M M M M
MAC Long Sleeve Tee (Black) Refer to note #3 below
Hooded Sweatshirt/Pants O M M M M
Shorts O O O O O
Track Suit O O O M M
Parka       O O
Team Bag O O O O O


  1. All MAC Swimmers must wear a black training suit - no designs.
  2. All MAC Swimmers wear the white cap for training & the blue cap for competitions.
  3. Black t-shirt or Black long-sleeve tee mandatory for Finals.