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Michael Phelps - Top 10 World Record Races

  1. 2009 FINA World Championships in Rome, Michael Phelps v Milorad Cavic in the 100 butterfly:
  2.  2009 FINA World Championships in Rome, Michael Phelps 200 butterfly, rubber wrapped and fast, 1:51.51:
  3. 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Michael Phelps wins 200 freestyle in 1:42.96
  4. 2009 US World Championship Trials, Michael Phelps rips a 50.22 in the 100 butterfly:
  5. 2007 FINA World Championships, 200 butterfly, 1:52.09
  6. 200 IM World Record at the 2007 FINA World Championships, 1:54.98
  7. 200 IM World Record at the 2006 Pan Pacific Championships, 1:55.84
  8. 200 Free World Record at the 2007 FINA World Championships, 1:43.86
  9. 2003 FINA World Championships, Phelps breaks the 200 IM World Record for the first time in 1:57.52
  10. 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Phelps breaks the 400 IM World Record, 4:08.26


Women's 200m Butterfly Final at 2008 Beijing Olympics

World Record Holder, Michael Phelps – 100 Fly Race

World Record Holder, Michael Phelps - 100 Fly Under water footage


World Record Holder, Ryan Lochte Swimming Backstroke - 200 Back

Mark Tewksbury GOLD MEDAL - 100 BACK(1992)


4-time Olympic Breaststroke Champion, Kosuke Kitajima - 200 BR - GREAT STROKE COUNT(GLIDE)

Annamay Pierse 200m Breaststroke World Record


Former World Record Holder, Cesar Cielo - 100 Free Swim

World Record Holder, Michael Phelps


Our MAC Video 2013-2014

2015-16 Year-End/AGN Video

2017 Prairie Winter International - created by Rielly McNamara

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Canadian Centre of Ethics in Sport