Volunteering & THE POINTS SYSTEM

MAC has a Volunteer Points System in place to ensure equitable sharing of workload. Every MAC family is expected to have at least one member volunteering. This section explains MAC's volunteer points system.

All MAC members pay a volunteer commitment fee. The volunteer commitment fee is charged to your account per your swimmer(s) group fee schedule on the 1st of the month for 6 months (Oct 1st to March 1st). This fee can be credited back to you at the end of the season IF you earn the required volunteer points. 

Most members earn volunteer points by officiating at MAC swim meets. To earn volunteer points by officiating you must:
1. Attend Officials Training Clinics, AND

2. Volunteer for a set number of swim meet sessions

The chart below shows the officials training you must obtain based on the highest group of swimmer in your family. If you have never “officiated” before, don’t worry! MAC provides free training clinics in October, December and/or April.Your time to attend training clinics counts toward your volunteer points.MAC’s Officials Manager will email you the clinic sign-up information. If you are a returning family that attended clinics in the past, at least one family member must upgrade skills to move up the officials "ladder" this season.

Once trained, you need to officiate for a set number of sessions at MAC swim meets this season. Please refer to the chart below to see how many sessions you need to work to accumulate your required volunteer official points. “Sessions” are usually 4-5 hours during a 2–4 day meet. You can work multiple sessions at meets. We will email you sign-up information prior to each meet and you can indicate how many sessions you wish to work. 
MAC is hosting 6 Invitational and 2 Championship meets in 2022-23, including Summer Central Region C Champs June 23-25, 2023. MAC Officials are expected to complete 2 sessions at Central C meet (included in your required total for the season).

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not fulfill ALL required sessions this season (September 2022 - June 2023), you will be charged a penalty to the credit card on file at the end of the season. If your highest level of swimmer is in OP and you do not fulfill ALL 4 sessions this season, you be charged a $100 penalty. If your highest level of swimmer is in TAG, Bronze, JAG, Junior, Bantam or Senior and you do not fulfill ALL 10  required sessions this season, you will be charged a $500 penalty.

Time Trial Volunteering:
MAC-hosted swim meets are an important source of revenue for the club, but some competitions (i.e. time trials) do not generate club revenue. Parents who have an athlete(s) participating in non-revenue generating time trials are still expected to volunteer as an official. Since entry fees are not charged for time trial participation, volunteering at these events does not necessarily qualify for volunteer points. The club operating budget will cover administration costs for these competition(s) including rentals, electronics, etc.

Other Ways to Earn Volunteer Points:
In addition to officiating, you can earn volunteer points by helping at social events, become a group parent rep, be elected to the Board, help with fundraising, chaperone during travel events, help with fundraising, manage teamwear and much more. 

The tables below show specific points earned for officiating, obtaining higher officials training, and other volunteer tasks. Points are considered equivalent to dollar amounts. If you have more than one swimmer with the club, your commitment is only for the points of the highest level swimmer. 

Officials Positions Points for Timed Finals & Preliminaries Sessions Points for Finals Sessions
Competition Coordinator  50 25
Session Referee 50 25
Assistant Session Referee 35 17.5
Meet Manager 50 25
Assistant Meet Manager  35 17.5
Starter 40 20
Assistant Starter 35 17.5
Chief Timer 40 20
Assistant Chief Timer 35 17.5
Clerk of Course  40 20
Assistant Clerk of Course  35 17.5
Chief Finish Judge/CJE/Recorder 40 20
Assistant CFJ/CJE/ Recorder 35 17.5
Head Lane Timer/ Turn Judge /Stroke Judge  35 17.5
Timer / Backup Timer 30 15
Safety Marshalling / Marshalling  30 15
Runner / Bell Prize  30 15
Cafeteria  30 15
Attending officials clinic (1 per family per season) 20 at course completion    

Officials Move-Up

Position Points
Level II Certification 50
Level III / IV / V Certification 100
Other Volunteer Positions Points
President or Treasurer Volunteer points refunded
Board Member 200 / season
Chaperones 50 / day
Special Committees (non-board members)
- Awards Banquet, Christmas Party, Family Day
Group Representatives 100
Display Cases 50