Avalance & Waterspouts

This is an entry-level program that introduces swimmers to competitive swimming.

Swimmers who are 8-10 years old attend 2-3 practices/week. They develop proper coordination on the deck, transferring these skills in the pool. They will learn proper technique of all strokes, as well as turns and dives, and will become involved in Mallards Swimming Team lifestyle by participating in Team’ events and meets. Kids will be having fun, while building confidence and learning teamwork in the friendly and developmental team structure.


For swimmers under the age 12 years old and they will practice 4-6 times/week. This program introduces the swimmer to each skill required for competitive swimming. Swimmers begin basic training, and as their strength increases, they will learn more advanced stroke techniques. Although the emphasis is on developing their skills, it is at this level that swimmers begin to learn the joy of competitive swimming and begin to attend meets on a regular basis. Stroke Development Awards & Challenge Awards are given upon successful completion of the required skills. The meets will focus on technique, endurance & fun.


Those swimmers are 11-16 and up and they attend 6-8 practices/week. Their goals are as follows:

  • progress to the Age Group National level

  • train in all four stroke techniques with an emphasis on distance, free and 400 IM events

  • introduction to dryland training

  • learning about nutrition as a source of energy

  • understand growth and its impacts

  • learning to set short and long term goals