MMST is a member of Swimming Canada (SNC), Swim Ontario (SO) and Central Region, all of which are affiliated with the Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA). The Team, thanks to its highly trained and skilled coaches, delivers a comprehensive training program for our members, and aims to provide a positive experience in the sport of competitive swimming.

The Team was formed as a patented not-for-profit competitive swim team in 1990. Parent volunteers provide the manpower for the team activities such as Swim Meets and Fundraising. Paid professionals provide the manpower for coaching the novice and competitive swimmers as well as providing administrative services as designated by the Board of Directors.

MMST provides a full range of instruction and training in the “sport of swimming”. Our programs are primarily geared toward girls and boys aged 6 and up. Since its inception, the Team has had the honour of retaining highly trained and respected coaches. MMST coaches have developed and delivered competitive programs that proudly boast Provincial and National medallists. Our coaches are members of CSCTA (Canadian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association) and are NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) trained.