September SOTM

Richard Tse


Lauren is our inaugural Senior SOTM for the 2020/2021 season! Since jumping back in the pool, she has been working hard day in and day out and more importantly, working away at being consistent when it comes to the details- stroke count, kick count off walls, etc. We’re excited to see what’s in store for her this season... it’s gonna be fast!

Drew A. from Senior Development has been outstanding since returning from the summer break. She worked hard during the offseason in her own backyard and it really shows! Keep up the great work!

Elise S. from Youth Flex has really made great strides and improvement so far. Even though she started a little late she is training hard and learning all the new lingo that comes with competitive swimming. Awesome job!

Congratulations to Milenka L. in Junior for an amazing month of training. Milenka leads her lane and is always on pace for the training sets. She listens well and makes adjustments whenever necessary. Great job Milenka!

The swimmer of the month for the Junior Development group is Abigail
H. Congratulations Abi! Abigail has been to every practice since we started in September! She has excellent work ethic while swimming and doing the dryland exercises. She streamlines off the walls and continues to try her best at each practice. Keep up the excellent focus and hard work!

Maher is one of our Novice SOTM for September. Everyday he shows up with a smile on his face and ready to work! Maher’s skills are really improving and he’s a awesome teammate in the group. Keep up the great work Maher!

Olivia J. is the other Novice SOTM. She has been training very well and is always attentive during practice. She shows lots of potential and promise and we hope to see more in the future! Awesome job Olivia!