Weekly News & Upcoming Events- Oct 26th

Meghan Whittaker

Weekly News & Upcoming Events:

1) Parking Lot Safety- the Town of Milton has asked MMST to remind all our parents to be extra cautious entering and exiting the parking lot. There are a lot of swimmers being dropped off and picked up from the pool every approx. 45 mins each night. Please take extra care to drive slowly and with caution dropping off or picking up your swimmer. They also remind everyone to follow the usual rules of the road in terms of which direction you are coming from when pulling up right next to the curb. Thank you!

2) Reminder that the Town has indicated that the hallway outside of the pool glass viewing area is closed to spectators to ensure adequate physical distance can be maintained by all those entering and exiting the facility.

3) There are no outdoor shoes allowed on deck. Swimmers are asked to remove their any footwear that was worn outside prior to exiting the changerooms to the deck. They are welcome to bring an indoor pair of sandals for the deck if they wish!

4) If you have not yet taken the time to read through the updated MMST COVID- 19 Standard Operating Procedures that were sent out last week, please do so asap with your swimmer!

5) Just a reminder that schedules change slightly for groups this week and next:

  • Senior/ Senior Dev- Online Yoga starts this week. Be sure to complete your online waiver. HUGE Thank You to Tracey and MODO Yoga for offering this opportunity to our swimmers!
  • Junior- Online Tues AM Dryland & Friday Yoga starts this week. Again, big thanks to Tracey for running this for the swimmers!
  • Junior Dev- modified schedule this week and new schedule next week (refer to email that went out Oct 23rd)
  • Novice- regular schedule this week and switch to their online Mon night dryland starting Nov 2nd.
  • Schedules posted on our website HERE.

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