October SOTM

Richard Tse

🏆October SOTM 🏆 Senior Edition

Noah Y is this months Senior SOTM! Noah had 100% attendance for October. Not only that, he’s a consistently hard worker and always working to improve. Noah’s diligence and dedication is sure to pay off this season. Keep up the awesome work Noah!

Ava T is this months Senior Development SOTM! Ava also had 100 percent attendance and has improved significantly over the past year with the Marlins! She constantly strives to improve and we look forward to her getting better and better!

Congratulations to Kai L for being October's swimmer of the month for
Youth Flex with fantastic attendance so far this year. Kai is also very
consistent in practice, getting in on time and working hard every time.
Keep up the great work Kai!

🏆October SOTM 🏆Junior Edition

Congratulations to Sarah I who is Juniors SOTM for October. Sarah is an extremely hard working individual who always in tune with the training set and the details within it. She also had 100 personal best times at our Dash4Cash meet! Awesome job Sarah!

Congratulations to Amir in Junior Development for being October's
Swimmer of the Month!
Amir has been practicing very well lately and had some amazingly fast
swims at the Dash for Cash meet. He has also been a great role model and
helper to some of our newer swimmers and shown excellent sportsmanship.
Keep up the great work Amir!

Congratulations to Alex N for being October's male swimmer of the month
for Novice! Alex listens to the coaches so well and always does his best
to learn the new skills and rules. Alex also trains very hard every time
he is at practice. Congratulations to Alex!

Congratulations to Avery N for being October's female swimmer of the
month for Novice! Avery is always listening and watching the coach so
she knows exactly what we are doing next. Avery works very hard in
practice and with her great body awareness, she is learning the new
movements and skills very quickly. Congratulations to Avery!