Hanging Basket Fundraiser

Richard Tse

We are excited to offer a fantastic Spring Fundraiser this year! Just in time for our Spring gardening dreams! We are offering a Hanging Basket Fundraiser that will run from now until April 13, 2023. We have a wide variety of colours and types of flowers for you to choose. This
was a wildly successful fundraiser last season and we look forward to seeing great support across all squads.

The Hanging Basket Fundraiser from Zomer’s Greenhouse is a fantastic way to support a local business in our community while beautifying our homes and the homes of our friends & family!

Please see the attached brochure and Google Form link to order. Feel free to order for yourselves and to offer the opportunity to your friends and family!

Orders must be submitted using the google form provided and the cost will be processed on your Team Unify account.

Please submit your form by 4pm on Thursday April 13th. Please note that once orders are submitted they cannot be changed. Flower pickup will occur Saturday May 6 th from 9:00- 10:30am at the pool entrance of the Milton Sports Centre.


Fundraising is integral to our Team and your support is appreciated! These endeavours benefit swimmer across all our squads.