Eastern Canadian Championships Recap

Meghan Whittaker

Eastern Canadian Championships Recap

Last weekend we had 11 Marlins representing at the Eastern Canadian Championships- the most in recent history!

MMST finished the meet overall in 21st place out of 88 attending teams. Well done swimmers!

Some highlights:

Kayla (50 Fr) and Madeleine (50 Br) both swam to their 1st ever Senior Canadian Trials qualifying time while also adding a second Junior Trials time to their line up next week in the 100 Fr and 50 Br respectively.

Ethan swam to 3 new Canadian Junior National standards (200 Free, 100 Back, 200 IM) while Ella added the 200 Back to her Canadian Junior National line up this summer.

Both our men’s & women’s 4x100 Medley Relays swam under the Canadian National Swimming Championships standard. Congrats Ella, Madeleine, Lauren, Kayla, Ethan, Alex, Josh, & Louis!

2 medals, 18 finals, 10 new National standards, 5 Club Records, and tons of PB's! 


Kayla- SILVER (50 Free) & BRONZE (100 Free)


Drew- 200 Br (12th) & 100 Br (15th)
Ethan- 200 Fr (5th), 200 IM (6th), 200 Bk (7th) & 100 Bk (18th)
Josh- 200 Br (8th), 100 Br (8th) & 200 IM (9th)
Rachael- 50 Bk (18th)
Madeleine- 100 Br (5th) & 50 Br (11th)
Ella- 200 Bk (11th) & 100 Bk (14th)
Alex- 100 Br (13th) & 200 Br (14th)

Swimming to 100% Personal Best Times:


New Club Records Broken:

Ella- 50 Bk & 200 Bk
Madeleine- 50 Br
Ethan- 200 Fr
Josh- 200 IM

Go Marlins Go!