2022-2023 Payment and Refund Policy

1. Full Refund before Start of Swim Season: A swimmer shall be entitled to a full refund of all fees paid for a swim season if the MUSAC Registrar receives written notice of intention to withdraw before the current swim session starts. The swimmer is only subject to payment in full of any outstanding fees owing from any previous year. The swim session is deemed to have started on September 13th,2022.

2. Resignation Refund Policy Following the Start of the Swim Season: Any member in good financial standing intending to resign from MUSAC for medical reasons or injury must deliver notice of that intention to the MUSAC Treasurer and/or Head Coach. The refund will be pro-rated based on the swimmer’s last attended practice during that session.

3. Fees paid to Swim Ontario/Swim Canada/Master’s Swim Ontario, Non-Club Hosted Events/Competitions and MUSAC Team Gear Refunds: Fees paid to Swim Ontario, Swim Canada and Master’s Swim Ontario by MUSAC on behalf of a swimmer, swimmer fees for non-club hosted events/competitions and fees paid for team gear shall not be refundable under any circumstances. Swim Ontario/Swim Canada/ Master’s Swim Ontario, host clubs and organizations and vendors do not provide refunds to Swim Clubs for individual athlete withdrawal.

4. Seasonal Fees: A swimmer will not be considered registered for the season until fees are paid in full for the first and last month as set out in the fee schedule. Registration must be completed utilizing the club’s online system (Team Unify). Furthermore, the swimmer will not be entitled to attend any practice sessions, meets or team events until the first payment installment along with the Swim Ontario insurance fee and club volunteer fee for the season have been paid in full. If an account goes unpaid for longer than 3 weeks it will be suspended in the Team Unify system, halting all current and future registrations until paid.

5. Meet fees: Meet fees must be paid in full by the listed deadline on the website prior to the meet or else the swimmer will not be eligible to participate in the meet. Registration for meets must be completed online with Team Unify and paid by credit card.

6. Outstanding Fees: Fees owing for any reason from any previous swim seasons must be paid in full at registration before a child will be allowed to register for the current swim season or receive a refund of any kind as set out herein. A member will not be permitted to participate in practice sessions, meets or other team events if an outstanding balance exists on the family’s account. An administration fee of 10% per month will be applied to any balance owing on the account.

7. NSF Cheques: Cheques returned by the Bank for insufficient funds shall be subject to an NSF fee of $25.00, in addition, the missed payment amount must be replaced within two weeks of the missed payment along with the NSF charge. If payment is not received within two weeks, the swimmer(s) will not be allowed to practice with the Club or participate in any Club activities, including swim meets, until their account is satisfied. In the event that a member provides two (2) NSF cheques to the Club in one season, then all future payments from that member must be in the form of cash. A member’s financial obligation to MUSAC continues in the event of non-payment, except in accordance with the terms of this Policy.

8. Intro Program Fees: Fees paid for an Intro Program (if offered) shall not be refundable under any circumstances.

9. Group Movement in the Swim Season: If a swimmer moves up to another group during the swim season with Coach and member approval, the member is responsible for the payment of the difference in fees on a pro-rated basis for the remainder of the swim season.

10. Change of Swim Status with Swim Ontario/Canada: Fees payable as a result of a movement from non-competitive to competitive categories within Swim Ontario/ Canada shall be paid by the swimmer before any change of status will be initiated with Swim Ontario/Canada. There shall be no refund for a swimmer changing from competitive to non-competitive status.

11. No Refunds for non-Attendance at Practices: Swim Fees are not pro-rated based on the number of practices attended and are not refundable. If a swimmer drops back to a lower number of practices at their choice (dropping practice hours), the fees are not refundable or reduced. Missed practices must be up within a 3-week period.

12. Swimmers joining After the Registration Date (except Intro Program Swimmers): Fees will be prorated for swimmers joining after sessional registration dates. Applicable amounts for Swim Ontario/ Canada will not be pro-rated as these are firm amounts set by the agencies which are not pro-rated for the Club.

13. Fee Recovery: As part of the MUSAC Volunteer Commitment Program each swimmer will be assigned a volunteer fee based on group placement. The fee associated with the group is applied to the season fees at the time of registration. Once the points have been earned a refund will be processed by credit card or cheque as applicable.