Muskoka Aquatic Club Team Equipment

Equipment recommendations: All fins purchased should be short fins. The Speedo Switchblade short fins are a good choice. Please do not purchase the Aquasport short fins, as they are too short and hard on swimmers feet and ankles. 

Any child under the age of 12 should use a youth-sized kick board. 

Swimmers under the age of 11 should use youth goggles. The Speedo Junior Vanquisher or the Arena Junior Spider googles are a great choice. 

Googles: All swimmers must wear goggles. It is a safety concern if swimmers are not able to see and bump into each other during practise. 

Caps - All swimmers in development and up should wear a cap if they have hair that falls below their ears. When swimmers train without caps, it affects their technique, breathing and body position.

Required Equipment 

Performance & Advanced

Training swimsuit, goggles, water bottle and cap 
Training fins
Training snorkel 
Hand paddles
Kick boards 
Pull buoys 


Swimsuit, goggles, water bottle and cap
Training fins 
Training snorkel  - recommended but not required
Kick boards


Swimsuit and goggles 
Training fins - recommended but not required


Swimsuit and goggles
Training fins, pull buoy and paddles - optional
Kick boards 


Most equipment, swim suits, bags, caps and goggles can be purchased at Ecclestone Swim and Cycle in Bracebridge.