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Coaches and Directors

Coaches and Directors
Coaching Staff
John Mcleod Head Coach

                  John began his coaching career while still a swimmer in the 90’s for his local team in Hawkesbury, Ontario.  It was here he developed a passion for motivating and inspiring young athletes through great coaching and instruction.  After wrapping up his age-group swimming career he moved to Toronto where he found himself under the tutelage of Murray Drudge of the North York Aquatic Club for the next 8 seasons.  After gaining valuable experience and successes at the Age-group national level John moved onto Quebec to become a Head Coach.  After 2 seasons and doubling the size of the club, John moved onto Montreal to help the quickly growing Neptune Natation with their transition from a smaller team in Quebec to one of the largest in the province that challenged and won the Provincial Team Championship banner two years in a row.  It was here that John worked with a multitude of athletes such as para, university, masters and everyone in between.  John took all these tool to Saskatchewan to become the Head Coach of a team in North Battleford and quicly involved himself in the team, province and numerous boards.

                  Through the years John has always prided himself on being a great motivator and support system to his athletes.  One of his favorite quotes that he picked up early on in his career has always rung true no matter where he coached.  “It’s not how fast you swim but how you swim fast”

Mary Rodgers Asst Coach

Mary began her coaching career with the Titans in 1995 upon returning to North Bay after completing university in Sudbury where she swam for Jeno ‘Doc’ Tihanyi. After six seasons of coaching Mary took a brief sabbatical to focus on her teaching career.  She returned to the Titans coaching staff in 2005, and remained on for another six seasons. In 2011, Mary took another sabbatical to pursue other interests at the high school level, including writing and theatre production. In 2017, Mary returned to the familiar smell of the pool and rejoined the Titans coaching staff.  Mary has always been an age group coach and loves to motivate young athletes in and out of the pool with their athletic pursuits. 

Nicole Plumb Asst Coach
Samantha Crossley Asst Coach

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Leah Dawson Asst Coach
Board of Directors
Chris Hachkowski President
Gord McLaren Vice President
Lori Auger 2nd Vice President
Jim Gough Past President
Kerry Spencer Treasurer/Registrar
Erika Bayliss Bingo Representitive
Melissa Parker Secretary
Yana Preston Member at Large
Renee Popp Member at Large