Nominations by Morgan Guinn

My Dad, Nathan Guinn, is a paramedic. My favorite thing about my Dad is how much he loves his family! He works hard for us. I really appreciate it!

My Mom, Nicki Guinn is a Nurse. I just love her for who she is. My favorite thing about my Mom is how she will take time for us if we need it. I really appreciate all she does for our family.



Nominations by Adrienne Carroll

My favorite part about my mom, Selena Carroll ,is that she is always trying to do things to help others and during this time she has taken on a project. She has been making hand sewn masks for people that need it. We have been delivering them and it's been a lot of fun. I love how she is always so determined to find ways to help others!



Nominations by Aiden Handley

Joy & George Handley 

I think that medical workers( both my parents are medical workers) are our heroes at this time and should be in the hall of fame because they are constantly putting themselves in danger and also threatening their families. They are working constantly and working more hours than normal, and they are working on breaks and weekends, and without them, our whole lifestyle would have collapsed, and we would have no one to help us or to help us get better. 




Nominations by Bella Tucker

I’ve nominated Jennifer Cheah, Julian Ho and Dennis Ho. She has been caring non-stop for her son Julian an NCSA Calgary swimmer who is living with leukemia at just 14 years old. Jennifer tells me that majority of her time is spent at the hospital where she assists Julian all day and night. Not to mention, keeping his spirits up through these tough times and even tougher with COVID-19. Jennifer and her family are true heroes, they are the definition of caring and courage. Donate to Care for Kids LINK